Run 1521 Photos

Run 1521 main photos [Goto Run 1521 stats and scribe)
NOTE, from Run # 1505 (7th Jan 2013) to the present run, all the original ‘larger

resolution’ run photos are available from Tampax.
Copying or Saving these photos to your computer !
Try ‘right clicking’ the mouse over the thumbnail firstly, then open the page in a ‘new window’. The picture can now be saved to your computer, ie ‘Save Image As’. They do look bigger, Great …… !
To view the pics sequentially (with captions etc), then just left click any picture
thumbnail …. and
off you go !
This page contains THREE groups of Photos. The first two groups were taken by Honey Bear and the last (most recent) group was taken by Sexy Bum ……. enjoy