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Winter Schedule Starts October 7th

As the days are now getting shorter, starting on Run 1857, October 7th we will return to our winter schedule.

To be clear, starting October 7th we will gather at 2:30 PM and the last bus will leave at 3:00 PM sharp. First circle starts at 4:00 PM and second circle ends between 7:00 and 7:30 PM.

Brief Status Update

Receding Hareline Report


The PH3 Receding Hareline is open to the end of November. November 4 hareline date is still available..

The December hareline will be opened on the first run in October. Have your run date ready. Preference given to those that have not hared recently.

We enjoy a well filled hareline thanks to the hashers who step forward to volunteer.

Most sincere thanks and On-on !

Mis-Management Meeting Report


The Mis-management Committee next meets Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 at 4:00PM at Nicky's Bar. All PH3 members are welcome to attend.

The September Minutes of the Mis-Management Committee are posted. Minutes from all meetings since Run 1500 can be viewed here.

A Mis-Management Committee Charter was passed at the April 2017 Meeting. It defines the responsibilities and authority of the Committee and its members.

Veterans' Run Final Results


49 hashers qualified to run free on the 2019 Veterans' Run. Another 33 hashers came within 10 runs of qualifying. Qualifying hashers completed at least 26 runs since the previous Vets Run.

Veterans' Run 2019 was Run 1852 on September 2nd. 43 Hashers ran free on the day and received a PH3 run towel, Qualifiers who could not attend on the day can collect their towel when they next run with PH3.

Beach Social October 2019 2:00PM


The Mis-management has approved a second Beach Social for 2019. Open beer truck and a barbecue. Prices will be announced in the Monday circle, You might want to wear a PH3 run shirt,
Click here for maps and directions.

Website Construction Report


This has taken a lot longer than I thought. But now we have finally completed next to last step upgrade to the PH3 website. While it looks much the same on the surface, it is much improved and easier to update with many routine tasks being performed automatically.

The data automation is essentially complete but still needs tweaking and refining. We will be fine-tuning this as we continue.

You will find some new features such as Calendars for Each Year and a fully automated Receding Hareline.

We are just getting the statistics database integrated into the site and when done Run and Hare Ranking Tables will be generated at the same time as the Recent Run page.

So what's next? We will restore the remaining features from the old site so everything you could do before will be available  and hopefully more easily .

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
On-on Wank-King's Wanker.

Upcoming Runs

Next PH3 Run 1855
VV Sausage BBQ Run
Monday, September 23rd 2019

Del Boy, VV and Two Time
VV at the grill with delicious pork and veal barbecue sausages.
Soi Joe Otter - under the new highway
GPS:   12°52'57.00"N   100°58'19.16"E
Download Google Earth .kmz file
On-On Bar:  Buffalo Bar
Download printable PDF version of map and directions.

Run 1855 Map

A-Site Mis-Directions (those with own transport)

From Soi Thep Prasit travel South on Sukhumvit for 1.6 km to Soi Paradise Villa and turn left. Continue 5.1 km to the T-junction (HHH) at the end near the two Wats. Turn right and follow for 1.6 km to Soi Joe Otter (Soi 29 - HHH), turn left and continue for 1.4 km passing under the new flyover. Make a right turn (HHH) into what will be the on ramp to the new highway and follow for 200m and turn left (HHH), Follow for 700M and pass under the new highway and the A-Site will be on the other side.

Maps not to scale and distances are approximate.
Maps oriented with North at top unless otherwise specified.

Mis-Information (for all others)

Meet on 3rd Road in front of the Buffalo Bar close to Soi Lengke. We start gathering at 3:00PM and free buses to the A-Site depart as they are filled. Last bus departs 3:30PM sharp. Sign ups are at the A-Site. First circle starts at 4:30PM. Second circle ends between 7:30 and 8:00PM. Buses will return you pick-up point after stopping by the on-on bar at the end of the run.

Meeting Point Map

Recent Runs

Latest PH3 Run 1854
Monday, September 16th 2019

Unstable Load, Arse van Hole
Map to Run 1854 A-Site
Scribe:   Sauce for the Goose
Hash Flash:   Seal Sucker and Jack Wow
Runners:   69
On-On Bar:  I-Rovers
GPS:   12°56'28.42"N   101° 0'54.67"E
Download Google Earth .kmz fileHighway 36 - 2.7 km E on Shell Station Road
Unstable Load, Arse van Hole
Scribe:   Sauce for the Goose
Hash Flash:   Seal Sucker and Jack Wow
Runners:   69
On-On Bar:  I-Rovers
GPS:   12°56'28.42"N   101° 0'54.67"E
Map to Run 1854 A-Site
Highway 36 - 2.7 km E on Shell Station Road
Download Google Earth .kmz file

80 Run Photos This Week

Show the Thumbnails

Show Scribe Report by Sauce for the Goose

Welcome to Run 1854 and a new A-Site past the Shell Station on Hwy 36 and at a busy crossroad. GING GANG GOOLIES jumped out the way and removed his chair just in time before an enormous truck nearly crushed him. Several songtaews with workers finishing work for the day passed by and were puzzled by the motley collection of people hanging about in the country side.

The hares today were meant to be UNSTABLE LOAD and family but his family had better things to do in Koh Samui so ARSE VAN HOLE ably stepped in to help out. LIBERACE asked the hares for their receipts for the fruit and crisps and oops, they forgot to buy any but a quick trip by motorcycle to the Shell station for crisps saved the day. Shame about the fruit.

GM calls first circle and welcomes the virgin, Des Campbell from N. Ireland, a mate of BOB-A-GOB’s. There are several new shoes including MADAM SIN and ARSE BANDIT with his shoes claimed on last week’s hash. The hares explain the run and explain there are two walker/runner splits. The first part was on a nice wide path. After the first split the runners soon overtook the walkers with DEL BOY and HARD ON in the lead. Soon after visitor BOLLYWOOD passed us with SPERM POLLUTER right behind keeping a very close watch on her.

UNSTABLE LOAD was waiting near the A-site with the cars clearly in view but no, it was not the end of the run but a right hand turn and then another walker split. Some took the easy option and headed for the cars. SEAL SUCKER, who was Hash Flash for the day stopped to take pictures of the lovely scenery and then decided to join the walkers. The runner split went up a hill which was known to some hashers so they too decided to do a short cut. I think LIBERACE was one of the few to do the hill as he walked in on the on-in trail. HARD ON was the first real runner back. The Beer Hunters, all ten of them, missed out on a bit of drinking time as they arrived back ten minutes after the first runner.

Second circle is called and SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE and BOLLYWOOD are iced for Hash Trash. I think the GM has a fetish for glasses as he found two pairs and then another pair later in the circle claimed by the virgin.

GM puts hares on the ice and asks the circle for thoughts on the run. Paper was good and terrain was varied but having a split so close to the A-site made it too tempting for some to short cut back.

Raffle time and the lucky winners are IRREGULAR PERIOD - rice cooker, MR POTATO HEAD - cooking pans, Parichat - gin, UNSTABLE LOAD - wine, FRENCH KISS - biscuits, GI JOE - toffees and this time the correct number, LOST CAUSE - waterproof bag.

Now for the awards and WANK-KING'S WANKER seems to have his act sorted out tonight with only two awards, SEAL SUCKER and TWO TIME, both congratulated for 300 runs.

GM’s circle again and STEPTOE is on the ice for Hash Crash. SPERM
POLLUTER takes over and ices CANNONBALL for being too vocal, LIBERACE for taking care of the hash money and a visitor, WORLD WIDE WHORE from Tokyo Samurai Hash, for throwing the back check sticks on the ground and not knowing what to do with them. Hares put in the bucket for not explaining to visitors beforehand what to do with them.

BOB-A-GOB and the virgin on ice. BOB-A-GOB had not explained hash protocol to his visitor so had to demonstrate showing skin from the bucket. The virgin was wearing a hash shirt though, kindly lent by BURL IVES so he was on the ice for his efforts. Des did enjoy the hash and said it was the most pleasurable few hours he had spent in Pattaya. Wonder where he’s been hiding in Pattaya?

GM’s circle again and it’s his Wanker of the Week award time. Contenders are present holder, BOB -A-GOB, and REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD and IRREGULAR PERIOD for showing disrespect by turning their back on the circle last week and not singing the Hash Hymn and the winner is IRREGULAR PERIOD much to RSB’s relief.

Dutch are put on the ice, WHORE IN THE WINDOW, back from drinking in Holland and newcomer, Gerardus, who would like a hash name but after lots of questions from the GM about his work which is 42 years of scientific research he decided we already have the name, BORING CUNT, so his naming will have to wait till EMPEROR AIRHEAD’s return.

ARSE BANDIT and MADAM SIN are iced. They have been together for some time now but AB has been away for three months. He is still John No 1. GM asks MADAM SIN about the car she has, a white Chevrolet. This is all news to ARSE BANDIT but he can’t borrow it to do haring cos he’s too drunk. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Don’t worry ARSE BANDIT, she promised it to SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE later in the on-on Bar after showing her tits.

TUNNEL OF LOVE, the visiting GM from the Samurai Hash in Tokyo takes the circle and gives our GM a down down and a patch. Seems our former GM met them last year at the Japanese Nash Hash and gave her some Pattaya H3 socks. She then teaches us a Japanese hash song, "Oppai Kudasai", which means, show us your boobs please. Appropriately her nine month old daughter who has been hashing since in the womb is called Dome Oppai - give me boobs.

The hares sing us a song “What Shall We Do with a Drunken Hasher” which is a notch up on their blue, blue rendition. Final down down is had by Gerardus, TURD BURGLAR, PHANTOM, HARD ON, TRY-A-FUCK, the visitors and Hash Hymn is led by BALL RINGER and BEN 10.

Then it’s off to The I-Rovers for more drinking and fun. Another fun evening with the PH3. Thank you guys.

On-On!  Sauce for the Goose

Show Run 1854 Stats Report

Total Hashers This Week - 69

Hashers Present Last Week - 52


Returners - 12


Visitors - 4

20 BOLLYWOOD - Bangkok Harriettes, Thailand
1 DOME OPPAI - Samurai Hash, Japan
1 TUNNEL OF LOVE - Samurai Hash, Japan
1 WORLD WIDE WHORE - Samurai Hash, Japan

Virgins - 1

Des Campbell;

Leavers - 0

~ none this week ~

Anniversaries - 2

SEAL SUCKER was congratulated for 300 PH3 Runs.
TWO TIME was congratulated for 300 PH3 Runs.

Hash Naming Events - 0

~ none this week ~

Saints and Sinners - 6

Des Campbell - Hash Trash
BOLLYWOOD - Hash Trash
DEL BOY - Hash Trash
IRREGULAR PERIOD - Wanker of the Week
STEPTOE - Hash Crash

Birthdays - 0

~ none this week ~


PH3 Hasher Run and Hare Totals

In recognition of the achievements of our loyal hashers, awards are given upon completion of benchmark run totals. The first benchmark is the completion of 50 runs. The hasher becomes a full member of the Pattaya Hash Harriers and receives a commemorative award giving details of his first run, 50th run and the dates. Thereafter, upon completing 100 Runs (and at every multiple) the hasher is awarded a Survivor Shirt also containing his first run, the run of the anniversary and dates.

Upon completion of 500 runs, a Pattaya H3 hasher is awarded the honor of adding (or not) the title of Sir or Lady to their hash name. Even if the hasher decides not to use the title, the hasher is still a Sir and as such is entitled to all the prerogatives of the position including the right to sit during the circle activities. A chair with the hasher's name is awarded in acknowledgement.

28 PH3 Hashers each have 500 or more Runs
Runs ID# Name First Sex
1000+ Runs (2)
1427 2 EMPEROR AIRHEAD - Dragoo, Tom 29 M
1084 3 LORD CHICKEN FUCKER - McAllen, John 399 M
900+ Runs (1)
910 3089 SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD - Emmert, Jim 708 M
800+ Runs (2)
881 12 KING YAO YAO - Guenther, John 203 M
843 5289 VIETNAMESE VIOLATOR - Viking, Eric 776 M
700+ Runs (7)
797 6 GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER - Sheal, Billy 105 M
773 655 MRS. HEAD - Emmert, Somreudee 729 F
763 41 SIR FESTER - Petersvik, Anton (R.I.P.) 508 M
752 6622 SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD - Quinn, Jimmy 907 M
751 5785 SIR FREE WILLY - Crook, Ray 825 M
729 5852 LADY FLIPPER - Crook, Somchit 833 F
722 6505 SIR ARSE-A-HOLIC - Moldenes, Tor 898 M
600+ Runs (6)
680 6083 SIR DOG - Lavik, Walter 855 M
662 7705 G.I. JOE - Ruzicka, Joe 1022 M
656 23 SIR FROG - van den Berghe, Patrick 621 M
650 6002 SIR ARSE HOPPER - Andersen, Jan Roger (R.I.P.) 849 M
634 8050 BALL RINGER - Carpenter, Alan 1061 M
603 1 SIR FOSSIL - Ngamsuwan, Susie 32 F
500+ Runs (10)
591 6971 SIR BOTTOMLESS PIT - Kruger, Mike 947 M
589 5238 MASTER BATES - McAllen, James 767 M
588 64 SIR TERMINAL 4 SKIN - Betteridge, Ken (R.I.P.) 479 M
578 5343 SIR MC - Watkins, Josh 783 M
557 8 SIR SWEETBALLS - Weidner, Hans 57 M
556 4879 CLIT FACE - Lever, Geoff 715 M
553 492 SIR STAINS - O'Sullivan, Gary 499 M
542 45 DUCHESS TADPOLE - Impheng, Kaewta 635 F
527 7214 MIDNIGHT STAR - Andersen, Jessica 974 F
524 6661 LADY BOW WOW - Lavik, Pukeaw 912 F

About the Statistics Section

We are still early days in the updating and automation of the PH3 website. For now this space is used to hold links to the Statistics currently updated on a monthly basis by hand.

We display the 500+ Runs page contents here to give an idea of how this section might look when complete.

So what's the final plan?

The first step is to automate all statistics by incorporating our database into the site. At that point all statistics will be available as soon they are recorded. This means that total stats will be available as soon as the run stats are now.

We will also change the linking so that the pages will display right here in this section rather than loading the specific page as now. And rather than displaying results for all runners since 1984 we will show stats only for those who have run in the last 5 years. Of course the complete tables will be published but they will be on separate pages from here. Remember over 600 hashers have 50 or more runs so the tables a

General Info

PH3 General Information Section

The General Information Section provides access to pages about On-0n Bars, local friends, Hash Songs, Old Shirts, and some tools and info about hashing with PH3. From here you can access the pages in the link box on the left. After viewing a link, click the link at the top of that page and you will return here to this section of the home page.

This section will remain sparse while we continue upgrading and automating the website. Work on Statistics and database integration will always take precedence and that will continue for some months.

Links below open commemoration pages for several Hashers.
Pattaya Mail links open on a new page\tab depending on your browser.
Murray "MUFFY" Kerr Pattaya Mail
John "THE POPE" Earl On this site
Wayne "BLOWFLY" Ogonoski Pattaya Mail
Ernie "UNCLE PERVY" Bakke Pattaya Mail
Richard Livingstone  Pattaya Mail
Randy "DR. DOOM" Blacet  Pattaya Mail
Ray" YANKEE DOODLE" West Pattaya Mail
Joe "FUCK AND FORGET" Otter On this site
Shawn "HOSER" Field On this site
Ken "SIR TERMINAL 4 SKIN" Betteridge On this site
Steve "SPUNK BUBBLE" Blumenthal   On this site
Pom "SNOWFLAKE" Jones   On this site
Paul "HAMMER" Leon   On this site
Wayne "HASH GROUPIE" Tishburn  On this site

In Memory of Our Deceased Hashers

May they Rest in Peace.

Hasher Date of Death First Run Total Runs
Brigitta "SHARON TATE" Larsen 10-Sep-17 615 203
Marc "HELLBOY" Steindorff 24-Jun-17 1163 283
Murray "MUFFY" Kerr 23-Jun-17 467 46
John "FUCKALAO" Gronseth 15-Jun-17 974 107
Ed "PEAR SHAPED" Hulks 17-Jan-17 728 52
Ken "PAKI POOFTER" Cooke 30-Dec-16 512 9
Brian Moorhouse 15-Oct-16 822 6
Anton "SIR FESTER" Petersvik 20-Sep-16 508 763
Greg "JOHN WAYNE" Smith 26-Aug-16 1144 2
John "THE POPE" Earl 27-May-16 7 356
Wayne "BLOWFLY" Ogonoski 25-Jan-16 388 312
Johnny "CONDOM" Johnson 03-Jan-16 1000 2
Jan Roger "SIR ARSE HOPPER" Andersen 28-Dec-15 849 650
Jan "THE CORPSE" Olsen 11-Sep-15 1314 65
Ivar "TIMMY TIGHT PANTS" Opsahl 05-Jun-15 1043 137
Kjell Thomas "HONDA DREAM" Skjaeveland 16-Jun-15 1210 77
Rick "PHUK-IT" Campion 04-May-15 536 187
Robert "ROBERT KENNEDY" Kennedy 08-Apr-15 8 25
Kurt "ALIEN DICK" Farnham 30-Dec-14 522 142
Kjell "ARE YOU SURE" Jeremiassen 28-Nov-14 823 204
Ernie "UNCLE PERVY" Bakke 08-Sep-14 58 489
Ann "PRINCE CHARLES" Harrington 11-May-14 53 10
Richard Livingstone 06-Apr-14 545 2
Randy "DR. DOOM" Blacet 18-Dec-13 206 83
Nick "LUBRICUNT" Drew 15-Jun-13 972 53
Ray" YANKEE DOODLE" West 10-Feb-13   22 144
Hill, Peter - KUTA ROOTA 10-Feb-13 1226 29
Glenn "LASSIE" Dragland 21-Apr-12  341 137
David "ROSIE" Lyons 24-May-11  838  14
Joe "FUCK AND FORGET" Otter 13-May-11  521 124
Shawn "HOSER" Field 02-May-11  120 203
Claude "MADAME CLAUDE" Eve 23-Jun-10 1329  28
Bill "POISON PIGMY" Kirkpatrick 21-Apr-10    8 161
Berndt "ARSE LIKE A FANNY" Carlsson 02-Mar-10 345 18
Ken "SIR TERMINAL 4 SKIN" Betteridge 18-Jan-10  479 588
John "FROZEN BOLLOX" Goldsmith 09-Oct-09 1285    7
Hans "SIR SWEETBALLS" Weidner  02-Jun-09   57 557
Peter "MATERIAL KATOY" Allcorn  17-Dec-08  903   4
Marc "CRACK SCRAPER" Jernigan  07-May-08  113  34
Ron "WON TON" Amero  02-May-08  349  10
Paul "CHEAP FOREIGN BASTARD" Gardner  15-Jan-08  801  65
Roy "MISSING PERSONALITY" Jarvis  21-Sep-07  327 196
Terje "BITCH DOG" Borge  24-Aug-07 1111  72
Virapon "NURSE NELLY" Natanawong  17-Jan-07 1191   1
Steve "SPUNK BUBBLE" Blumenthal  14-Dec-06  298 176
Gary Baxter  08-Nov-06  622   1
Richard "FLYING SHEEP SHAGGER" Bennett  16-Dec-05  927  76
Julien "BENT OVER BELGIUM" De Sy  19-Nov-05  796 116
Jaraporn "BAA BAA" Bennett  13-Oct-05  929  72
Peter "LORD WEASEL TITS" Frodsham  03-Aug-05  799   1
Frank "DUKE OF PUKE" Larsen 14-Feb-05 115 165
Pom "SNOWFLAKE" Jones  18-Aug-04   62 279
Francis "SNEAK OUT SPROUT" Glaude  07-Aug-03  852  37
Paul "HAMMER" Leon  19-Jun-03   13 221
Bob "BONY ARSE BOB" Hager  20-May-02  772  63
Ray "F-TROOP" Bedcroft  30-Apr-02  776  19
Steve "PACEMAKER" Drum  03-Apr-02  623  51
Namfong "CRICKET" Ploydee  09-Jan-02  706   2
Roy "SKINNY SCANDI" Vistung  01-Jan-01  374  29
Skip "WINGNUT" Camyre  01-Feb-00  597  14
Mike "O.J." Simpson  07-Aug-99  651   1 
Wayne "HASH GROUPIE" Tishburn 02-Aug-99   78 381
Tim "MAGIC" Hughes  24-Jan-98    1  53
Jeremy "CABIN BOY'S BUM BOY" Eckford  19-Jul-93  100 187
Jesse "MEXICAN BEAN" Sandoval  03-Nov-89  123 124
Ian "BABY'S ARM" Frost  unknown 689 183
Jimmy "CAPTAIN DAN, THE DIRTY OLD MAN" Hill  unknown  398  23
Bob "BALONI" Balboni    unknown  344  74
Ken Court   unknown   96   3

 This table only contains information recorded in the PH3 database. If you discover incorrect information, have dates of death for those we have none, or sadly know of any departed brothers or sisters not included, please contact webmaster by email through this link. Thank you.

About the General Info Section

The General Info Section provides access to pages about On-0n Bars, local friends, Hash Songs, Old Shirts, and some tools and info about hashing with PH3.

We display the In Memoriam page contents here to give an idea of how this section might look when complete. For now a simple landing page links in the box on the left. After viewing a link, click the link at the top of that page and you will return here to this section of the Home Page.

Future plans for this section

We will also change the linking so that the pages will display right here in this section (much like the Upcoming Runs drop-down subsections) rather than loading the specific page. We are envisioning a complete rewrite of the existing materials.


PH3 Archives Section

The Archives Section contains all records for the years 2012 through 2017. It also contains a link to Clitface's previous website covering the years 2008 to 2012 (up to run 1499).

From here you can access the pages in the link box on the side (bottom of page for mobile) that will bring you to a separate page for the year of interest. Clicking "Archives" in the top menu (green hamburger for mobile) anywhere on the website will return you to this section of the Home Page.

All Runs 2018
Information and Links for the Year's Runs


December 2018
December 31 - PH3 Run 1817
Mental Disorder and Menstrual Disorder
99 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - 2 km N of Soi Huai Yai
December 24 - PH3 Run 1816
Odd-Job, Liberace and Vee Go
108 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 36 - behind Shell Station 500m from Hwy 36
December 17 - PH3 Run 1815
The Belgian Mob
108 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - 2 km N of Soi Huai Yai
December 10 - PH3 Run 1814
Dreggs, Arse Bandit and Speedo Pete
106 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - 4.7 km N of Hwy 3240
December 3 - PH3 Run 1813
Unstable Load and Smokey Trucky Fucky
82 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzPhoenix CC Road - 8.4 km from Sukhumvit - S side
November 2018
November 26 - PH3 Run 1812
VV, Two Time and Street Cleaner
97 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSiam C C Road - across from Map Prachan - Soi 32
November 19 - PH3 Run 1811
The Loy Krathong Run
Duchess Tadpole, Lost Cause, Miss Use Me, Pocket Socket, Telly Tubby, Bell End and Hoi Wan
87 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSoi Polo 1 – near The Polo Club (right side)
November 12 - PH3 Run 1810
Return of the Magnificent Seven
Ball Ringer, Mental Disorder, Antique, Cherry Blossom and Ben 10
86 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 – Asian University
November 5 - PH3 Run 1809
Guy Fawkes Day Run
SFW, Phantom, Tampax and Lord Chicken Fucker
90 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 36 - across from old Bira Racetrack
October 2018
October 29 - PH3 Run 1808
The Halloween Run
KAM, Teeny Weeny, General Kidney Wiper and Dog Licks Its Dick
98 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 3240 – Khao Mai Kaew – Aussie Site over causeway
October 22 - PH3 Run 1807
The Oktoberfest Run
Stupid Kraut Kunt, VV, Velcro Dick, Sour Kraut Bone Collector, TV, Supervirgin, Katoy Magnet and Ferry Queen
87 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 36 - behind Shell Station 1 km E of 3240
October 15 - PH3 Run 1806
Unstable Load, Noisy Queen, Ninja Princess and Silent Princess
92 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzPhoenix C C Road - 8 km from Sukhumvit - N side
October 8 - PH3 Run1804
Bum Run Number 2
Princess Bum Boy, Sir Arse-A-Holic and Pink Dolphin
67 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSoi Polo 1 - 1.4 km along road to Polo Club
October 1 - PH3 Run 1804
Cannonball, Jack Wow, Golden Rivet and Lost Cause
69 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSiam C C Road - across from Map Prachan - Soi 32
September 2018
September 24 - PH3 Run 1803
Rat von Kiel, Harbor Whore, Mayo Queen and Whore in the Window
49 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSoi Polo 1 - 4.4 km from Soi Huay Yai
September 17 - PH3 Run 1802
VV Sausage BBQ Run
VV, Two Time and Sour Kraut Bone Collector
63 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSoi Joe Otter - under the new highway
September 10 - PH3 Run 1801
Dreggs, Seal Sucker and General Kidney Wiper
62 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 36 - across from old Bira Racetrack
September 3 - PH3 Run 1800
The Veterans' Run
General Kidney Wiper, Sir Spaghetti Head and Mrs Head
71 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - S of Huay Yai Road - near BMX Stadium
August 2018
August 27 - PH3 Run 1799
Unstable Load, Chicken Dundee and Ninja Princess
53 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - 2 km N of Soi Huai Yai
August 20 - PH3 Run 1798
Rat von Kiel, Harbor Whore and Mayo Queen
70 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSoi Polo 1 - 1.7 km past the Polo Club
August 13 - PH3 Run 1797
View Point A-Site with Sausage BBQ
VV, Zenergy, Two Time and Lipovitamin
65 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 36 - 2.7 km E on Shell Station Road
August 6 - PH3 Run 1796
The Wizard and Bob Snot Here
55 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzPhoenix CC Road - 2.4 km S of Chinese Village
July 2018
July 30 - PH3 Run 1795
SFW and Lady Flipper Anniversary Run
Sir Free Willy and Lady Flipper
49 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzBeach - Na Jomtien Soi 8
July 23 - PH3 Run 1794
The Aussie Run
Lone Wolf, K.A.M., Captain Kangaroo, Piss Poorer, Phantom, Scarlet Pimpernel, Rubber Dick, Slug, No Knickers and Baby No Knickers
73 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 3240 - Khao Mai Kaew - The Aussie Site
July 16 - PH3 Run 1793
Belgian National Day Run
VV, Rat von Kiel, Mayo Queen, Chicken Dundee and Two Time
82 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 36 - across from Bira Racetrack
July 9 - PH3 Run 1792
Snap, Crackle and Pop Run
VV, Two Time, Colonel Cornhole, Snap, Crackle and Pop
62 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSoi Chaiyapreuk 2 – Huai Chak Nok
July 2 - PH3 Run 1791
American Independence Day Run
Emperor Airhead, Sir Spag, GI Joe, Night Rider and Wank-King's Wanker
74 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 3240 - Thai Water Authority - Map Prachan SW shore
June 2018
June 25 - PH3 Run 1790
Mad Hatter's Run
Arse Bandit and Andy Whorehole
70 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSiam CC Road - Soi 34 2 km S - FC Planet Stadium
June 18 - PH3 Run 1789
VV Sausage Barbecue Run
VV and Two Time
66 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - 2 km N of Soi Huai Yai
June 11 - PH3 Run 1788
Linear Accelerator and Cannonball
66 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSoi Paradise Villa - Monastery Hill
June 4 - PH3 Run 1787
The Betty Boop Run
Mrs Head and Black Hole
70 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzNong Nut Gardens - 5 km S - 800m along Soi Thetsaban 26
May 2018
May 28 - PH3 Run 1786
VV Sausage Barbecue Run
VV, Mayo Queen and Rat von Kiel
60 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 3240 - 2.6 km NW on Santi Kham Road
May 21 - PH3 Run 1785
Scotch on the Rocks
General Kidney Wiper, Sir Really Sadistic Bastard and Dirt Looney
72 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - across and just S of Phoenix CC Road
May 14 - PH3 Run 1784
Not 'The Norwegian Run' Run
Princess Bum Boy, Peler, Sir Arse-a-Holic and Pink Dolphin
66 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 3240 – Khao Mai Kaew – Aussie Site over causeway
May 7 - PH3 Run 1783
Crapper and Pocket Socket
76 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - 4.7 km N of Hwy 3240
April 2018
April 30 - PH3 Run 1782
The Grand Masters' Run
Mental Disorder, Sperm Polluter, Absolutely Fucking Clueless, Pinky, Menstrual Disorder and Casper
85 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - 2 km N of Soi Huai Yai
April 23 - PH3 Run 1781
St. George's Day Run
SFW, Lady Flipper, Phantom and Tampax
81 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 – 3 km South of Phoenix Rd
April 16 - PH3 Run 1780
Ninja Princess, Silent Princess, Noisy Queen and Unstable Load
69 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzPhoenix C C Road - 8 km from Sukhumvit - N side
April 9 - PH3 Run 1779
VV Sausage BBQ
VV, Beverley Hills Pink Cock and Zenergy
71 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSoi Wat Huai Yai - 11.3 km from Sukhumvit
April 2 - PH3 Run 1778
Liberace and Odd-Job
85 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 36 - behind Shell Station 2 km from Hwy 3240
March 2018
March 26 - PH3 Run 1777
Burl Ives, Golden Rivet, Lost Cause and Miss Use Me
93 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSoi Paradise Villa - Monastery Hill
March 19 - PH3 Run 1776
The Birthday Hares BBQ Run
VV, Arse van Hole and Two Time
108 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 36 - across from Bira Racetrck
March 12 - PH3 Run 1775
St. Paddy's Day Run
Kee Mah, Mental Disorder, Menstrual Disorder and Wank-King's Wanker
84 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSoi Wat Yan - Map Fak Thong - South shore
March 5 - PH3 Run 1774
Unstable Load, Chicken Dundee, Mayo Queen and Smokey Trucky Fucky
94 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - 500m N of Soi Huai Yai
February 2018
February 26 - PH3 Run 1773
Tampax and Love Boat
88 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - 2.4 km N of Hwy 3240
February 19 - PH3 Run 1772
Unstable Load, Smokey Trucky Fuckey, Arse van Hole and Chicken Dundee
80 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzNong Nut Gardens - East shore Huai Tu 2
February 12 - PH3 Run 1771
Valentines Day Run
Mental Disorder, Menstrual Disorder, Scar W/2T's and Bell Star
98 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - Asian University
February 5 - PH3 Run 1770
VV Sausage Barbecue Run
VV, Mayo Queen and Two Time
93 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - 2 km N of Soi Huai Yai
January 2018
January 29 - PH3 Run 1769
Annual General Piss-up Run
Mental Disorder and The Wizard
106 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - across from Police Station
January 22 - PH3 Run 1768
Unstable Load, Arse van Hole, Mayo Queen and Smokey Trucky Fucky
92 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 332 - 8.2 km from Sukhumvit - N side
January 15 - PH3 Run 1767
Tampax and Pole Fucker
101 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 331 - across from Asian U. & 2.5 km E
January 8 - PH3 Run 1766
VV Sausage Barbecue Run
VV, No More Cum and Two Time
113 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzSoi Polo 1 - 2 km E of Siam CC Roundabout
January 1 - PH3 Run 1765
The New Year's Run
Tampax and Love Boat
118 RunnersHashsheet.pdf, A-Site.kmzHighway 36 - behind Shell Station 3 km N of 36


About the Archives Section

For now this space is used to hold links to the Archives normally updated on a monthly basis by hand (this has not been done during website updating this year). We display All Runs 2018 here to give an idea of how this section might look when complete.

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Contact Us

PH3 Contact Us Information Section

The Contact Us Section provides contact details for the GM, Hare-Raiser and Webmaster. A number of links to other information is provided in the sidebar including information about the Mis-management. 

We post the minutes of the most recent meeting here each month. The date and timing of the next meeting is contained in the Welcome Section of this page. Just scroll up by clicking the green box with the triangle and you'll be there.

We will later provide some statistical information about the club - monthly attendance, number of newcomers, total of all hashers who have run with us (over 11,000 so far if you can believe it), and such like. This pending the database integration.

For further assistance, please contact

Contact the Grand Master, The Wizard
Email - GM@pattayah3.com
Phone - 062 418 7427

Contact the Webmaster, Wank-King's Wanker
Email - webmaster@pattayah3.com
Phone - 097 137 0313

Contact the Hareraiser, Sir Free Willy
Email - hareraiser@pattayah3.com
Phone - 086 078 5681

PH3 Mis-Management Meeting
Minutes of Meeting - Wednesday, September 4th 2019

Attendence:  The Wizard, Liberace, VV, Wank King’s Wanker, Unstable Load, Sour Kraut Bone Collector, French Kiss, Ball Ringer, Sperm Polluter, Dirt Looney, Jackal, Ging Gang Gooolies

Recorded by:  The Wizard

Minutes of Meeting

  • Apologies:   nil
  • Previous Minutes:   Read and approved.
  • Bookie Report:   The average number of sign ups for the month was 66, for the year to date, 81, which is 4 up on last year. Another small profit was recorded for the month and the club’s financial health is very good.
  • Webmaster Report:   Wank King’s Wanker reported encouraging progress over the recent period and explained in some depth issues regarding the work on the database. His workload has been reduced lately due to assistance received from Dirt Looney who has been managing run photos.
  • Brew Master Report:   VV had no issues or concerns to report. He stated that the recent problem of a certain few members abusing the ‘One beer for the road’ was not in evidence this month. We will continue to monitor the situation.
  • Hare Raiser Report:   In the absence of Sir Free Willy, WKW provided an update. Only one free date in November, the 11th, is open; this is traditionally the Loy Krathong Run. A request of sponsorship of 5,000 baht was made and approved in respect of the Octoberfest Run. The Belgian Run in December to be brought forward by one week in December.
  • Rags Report:   Sour Kraut Bone Collector reported that stock of male shirts in sizes S and XL were low, he will order new stock asap. WKW reported on behalf of SFW that he had ordered 50 coolers of various styles, having been asked to assist with sourcing these items last month. It was confirmed that the cotton ‘award shirts’ that were recovered from House Screen earlier in the year are to be offered as an option to award winners.
  • On-on Bars Report:   Attendances are good and there were no issues reported.
  • Special Runs:
    • Sperm Polluter made a request for sponsorship for a Halloween Run, an offer of up to 5,000 baht was approved.
    • Unstable Load made a suggestion that to reflect the multi-national nature of the Battle of Hastings (upcoming run) that all the committee be involved in this run, with also the possibility of producing a limited number of commemorative shirts. He will provide further concrete plans to members of the committee next week.
  • Other Business:
    • WKW reported that after a suggestion last month that hashers should be recognised for bringing virgins to the runs that monitoring these numbers would prove problematic, thus it was decided to hold this issue in abeyance until such time as the database is fully updated.
    • Dirt Looney asked whether further consideration had been given to purchasing a new camera for the use of hash flash as the current camera is failing in some of its operations. TW will report back to the committee with suitable replacements.
    • VV told us that it was necessary for him to introduce a small increase to the price of the sandwiches that he supplies. This increase of 10 baht is the first increase for 6 years and only necessary due to the fact that his regular supplier of bread has closed down and he now has to pay more for his bread.
    • Unstable Load enquired as to the protocol for awards for exceptional achievements, such as Emperor Airhead’s 1500th run. It was affirmed that it is normal for a special award to be made in conjunction with the run shirt.
    • Liberace asked the committee how long he was expected to keep old receipts and redundant paperwork for, as after 7 years in the role he still retained everything. It was agreed that anything over 2 years old could be safely disposed of.
    • Ball Ringer led a discussion on an apparent trend of there being an increased number of hares for each run. It was agreed that at this stage it is not a major concern for the club at this time, however the situation was worth monitoring.
    • TW reported that the ‘Beer Police’ had concerns about ‘one for the road’ being abused by a very small number of individuals and had sought approval to open all beers being dispersed at the end of the circle. It was decided that efforts would be made to challenge individuals rather than compromise everyone at the end of the circle. If there has been no significant progress in this matter then it will be revisited at next month’s meeting.
    • TW proposed that a second beach social for the year be organised, as we are doing well financially and would like to ‘give back’ to the members who have supported us through the last 6 months. This was agreed upon and a date set for Weds 2 October. VV anticipated some logistical problems from his perspective but was assure of as much support as would be required.
    • TW thanked everyone for their attendance and contributions to another productive meeting.
  • New Business:
    • VV requested that the beer truck be loaned out under the usual conditions to Sperm Polluter and Unstable Load for use on the next Monkey Run. This was approved.
    • Dirt Looney agreed to drive the beer truck in the forthcoming absence of SKBC (whose truck will be driven by VV). VV also requested that when necessary members of the MM committee assist with the erection of the gazebos.
    • WKW reminded the committee that the calendar for 2020 would need to approved at the next MMM.
    • DL asked whether greater importance could be given to keeping the ‘In Memoriam’ page on the website up to date. WKW agreed to this.
    • The Wizard made a recommendation for a new camera for the club and provided details and costing. Liberace asked for an opportunity to take a detailed look at the info after the meeting.
    • TW suggested that the usual conditions should prevail for sign ups for the forthcoming beach social (Oct 2nd). This was agreed and Ball Ringer agreed to assist Liberace with sign ups on the day. It was also agreed that a driver (possibly one of the regular baht bus drivers) be employed to drive the beer truck on this occasion so that VV can fully enjoy himself too.
    • TW thanked everyone for their attendance and contribution to another constructive meeting.

Meeting closed and looking forward for another great month of hashing.

About the Contact Us Section

We are now close to completing updating and automation of the PH3 website. The Statistics, General Info, Archives and this section are among the last to be worked on. Topics  which, although important,  have less immediacy than recent and upcoming run events.

Future plans for this section

We will also change the linking so some pages will display right here in this section rather than loading the specific page as now. We display the last meeting minutes here to give an idea of how this section might look when complete.