2015 Special Runs

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PH3 hosts a number of Special Runs each year; some sponsored by the Hares, some by the Mis-Management Committee and some simply named. Any National Day or Group event that wants sponsorship need to approach Mis-Management well in advance with a thought out proposal for review and approval. No Shirt design will be printed with a PH3 LOGO until approved by Committee.

  1. Sponsors are allowed on one or both of the sleeves.
  2. All shirt designs with PH3 logo, must be approved by the Mis-Management. This can be done swiftly by the committee members present on a Monday run in advance of the event.
  3. Sponsorship must be transparent, so no single person benefits from sponsors.

All dates are provisional and subject to change by Mis-Management.
Current year Special Runs found at bottom of Receding Hareline page.

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2015 ‘Special’ Runs
All dates are tentative subject to change by Mis-Management. The hareline will only be open for the current month plus the following two months. The exception is for those wishing to host Sponsored or National Day runs and non- or part-time resident hashers. PH3 Sponsored Runs require clearance from Mis-Management. See also Sponsored Runs Page.
Run# Date Hares On-On A-site Location
1612 Jan 26
Scar with 2T’s and Wank-King’s Wanker Jameson’s Soi Paradise Villa – Monastery Hill
1615 Feb 16
Rosenmontag Run
Hulk and Suzy Wong TQ’s Soi Chaiyapreuk 2 – Huai Chak Nok
1619 Mar 16
St.Paddy’s Day Run
Kee Mah, Sheik Meme and Wank-King’s Wanker Jameson’s Hwy 331 – 4.2 km S of Huay Yai Road
Sat Mar 28
Beach Social – 2015
No More Cum and Scar w/2T’s Beer Truck Bang Saray Beach – Na Jomtien Soi 56
1624 Apr 20
St George’s Day
SFW, Lady Flipper, Pussy Fucker and Turd Burglar Nicky’s Bar Hwy 331 – 3 km S of Phoenix Rd
1628 May 18
Norwegian Run
The Norwegian Crew TQ’s Hwy 331 – 1.6 km S Wat Huay Yai Road
1630 June 1
Betty Boop Run
Mrs Head and Axel Grease Oscar’s on Ban Amphoe Beach Na Jomtien Soi 32 – near Post Office
1632 June 15
Philippines Independence Day Run
Honey Bear, I Lean Over, Joanna Troyo, Monera Tasil, Evalyn Cansi and Get a Room Boomerang Guest House Soi Joe Otter – 1.3 km East
1635 July 6
American Independence Run
Emperor Airhead, G.I. Joe, Sir Spaghetti Head, Wank-King’s Wanker, Necrophilia Night Rider, and Linear Accelerator M Club Hwy 36 – near Shell Station by 3240 flyover
1638 July 27
The Aussie Run
KAM, Piss Poorer, Captain Kangaroo, Lone Wolf, No Knickers, Hulk, and Baby No Knickers (in utero) 5 Star Bar (Soi 11 and Beach Road) Hwy 3240 – Khao Mai Kaew – The Aussie Site
1644 Sep 7
Veterans’ Day Run
Sir Spaghetti Head, General Kidney Wiper and Mrs Head Nicky’s Bar Buddha Mountain Road – 1.2 km S of Silver Lake
1650 Oct 19
VV, Rudi Voeller and I Can’t Read My Writing TQ’s Hwy 36 – near Shell Station by 3240 flyover
1651 Oct 26
Halloween Run
Sir Free Willy and Lady Flipper Boomerang Guest House Soi Chaiyapreuk 2 – Huai Chak Nok
1656 Nov 30
Loy Krathong Run
Lady Flipper, Lost Cause. Pocahontas, Little White Dove, Master Chef. Running Bare and Blue Sky Nicky’s Bar Soi Polo 1 – near The Polo Club
1659 Dec 21
Christmas Run
Odd Job and Liberace Boomerang Guest House Hwy 3240 – Khao Mai Kaew – The Aussie Site
1660 Dec 28
New Year’s Run
Doesn’t Touch The Sides, Black Hole and Tiny Anal Torpedo Nicky’s Bar Soi Paradise Villa – Wat Samakkhi Pracharam