2016 Special Runs

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PH3 hosts a number of Special Runs each year; some sponsored by the Hares, some by the Mis-Management Committee and some simply named. Any National Day or Group event that wants sponsorship need to approach Mis-Management well in advance with a thought out proposal for review and approval. No Shirt design will be printed with a PH3 LOGO until approved by Committee.

Guidance for Sponsors

  1. PH3 will have sight of any proposed design on shirts or other items before printing or fabrication;
  2. Sponsors’ logos will as always be limited to one logo on one sleeve;
  3. Numbers of shirts or other items, sizes and colours will be at the discretion of the hares;
  4. Sale or donation of items will be the responsibility of the hares. PH3 will not get involved;
  5. The hares will be allowed to sell shirts or other items on the day of the run only. Any outstanding stock may be donated to the PH3, if so desired

All dates are provisional and subject to change by Mis-Management.
Current year Special Runs found at bottom of Receding Hareline page.

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2016 ‘Special’ Runs
All runs and dates are subject to change by Mis-Management. The hareline will only be open for the current month plus the following three months. The exception is for those wishing to host Sponsored or National Day runs and non- or part-time resident hashers. PH3 Sponsored Runs require clearance from Mis-Management. See also Sponsored Runs Page.
Run# Date Hares On-On A-site Location
1664 Jan 25
No More Cum and Lone Wolf Nicky’s Bar Hwy 331 – 0.7 km North of Hwy 36 junction
1667 Feb 15
St. Valentine’s Day Run
Mental Disorder, Menstrual Disorder, VV and Two Time Boomerang Guest House Siam Country Club Road – near Chinese Temple
Sat Feb 27th
Beach Social – 2016
No More Cum and Scar w/2T’s Beer Truck Beach – Bang Sa-Re down road by Tony’s Gym
1671 Mar 14
St. Paddy’s Day Run
Kee Mah, Mental Disorder, Menstrual Disorder and Wank-King’s Wanker Jameson’s Highway 331 – 5.7 km North of Hwy 3240
1677 Apr 25
St George’s Day
SFW and the True Blue Patriots TQ’s Highway 331 – 3 km South of Phoenix Rd
1680 May 16
Norwegian Run
Sir Dog, Odd-Job, Liberace, Sir Arse-A-Holic, Pissed Pole Dancer and Stinky Sloppy Seconds Nicky’s Bar Hwy 3240 – Khao Mai Kaew – on the causeway
1683 June 6
Betty Boop Run
Mental Disorder, Menstrual Disorder, Hulk and Suzy Wong Nicky’s Bar Beach – Jomtien – near Atlantis Condotel
1684 June 13
Philippines Independence Day Run
Menstrual Disorder, Pocket Socket, Mental Disorder and Crapper Jameson’s  Soi Wat Yan – Map Fak Thong 1
1687 July 4
American Independence Run
GI Joe, Emperor Airhead, Sir Spaghetti Head, Mrs Head and Wank-King’s Wanker Nicky’s Bar Nong Nut Gardens – 1.8 km SE Soi Khun Suk Village
1690 July 25
The Aussie Run
Katoy Anal Masturbator, Piss Poorer, Gas Man, Phantom and Lone Wolf Boomerang Guest House Hwy 3240 – Khao Mai Kaew – The Aussie Site
1696 Sep 5
Veterans’ Day Run
Sir Spaghetti Head and General Kidney Wiper TQ’s Highway 332 – Sir Spag’s House
1700 Oct 3
PH3 1700th Run
Ball Ringer and the Mis-Management TQ’s Highway 36 – behind Shell Station 1 km E of 3240
1703 Oct 17
VV, Stupid Kraut Kunt and Scar w\2T’s Boomerang Guest House Highway 36 – behind Shell Station 1 km E of 3240
1704 Oct 31
Halloween Run
Unstable Load and Rat von Kiel TQ’s Highway 331 – 2 km S of Buddha Mtn Road
1706 Nov 14
Loy Krathong Run
Tadpole, Lost Cause and the Thai Harriettes Jameson’s Soi Polo 1 – near the Polo Club – N side
1708 Nov 28
PH3 French Connection III –
The Belgian Run
VV, Unstable Load, Rat von Kiel, Arse van Hole, Smokey Trucky Fucky, Harbor Whore, Chicken Dundee, Mayo Queen, Maxime van Hove and Megane TQ’s Highway 36 – across from old Bira Race Track
1712 Dec 26
Christmas Run
Liberace and Odd-Job TQ’s Hwy 3240 – Khao Mai Kaew – Aussie Site over causeway