Beach social – January 2013

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PH3 Social day on the beach

Function: PH3 Beach BBQ and social day
Date: Saturday 19th January 2013
Location: Bang Saray Beach (see maps below)
Numbers: 50 to 60 people
Beach Social – Photos (click the blue link left to view all the pics)

Jan 2013 Beach BBQ main map
Jan 2013 beach map
Jan 2013 Beach site image


— The Beach Social —

The much talked about PH3 Beach BBQ and social day was held on Saturday 19th January 2013 at Bang Saray Beach, around 17 km south of Pattaya.
beach_bbq_jan2013 (07)Transport was laid on from the usual spot on second road (Family Mart) opposite McDonalds and ‘The Avenue’ shopping plaza for a 1pm departure.  Travel time to the beach took around 45 minutes.

Some of the first people to arrive were of course Liberace and Ball Ringer who took care of the sign ups (150 baht for men and 50 baht for women)
beach_bbq_jan2013 (04)and the BBQ team of Rear Gunner and his helpers
beach_bbq_jan2013 (06)beach_bbq_jan2013 (55)beach_bbq_jan2013 (20)
Very quickly, people started to choose their spots and not surprisingly most opted

to hang around in the shade near the BBQ.
beach_bbq_jan2013 (38)
A few brave souls decided to make the most of the idyllic beach
and put down their beach towels and ‘easy’ chairs to claim their spot
on the sand.
beach_bbq_jan2013 (63) A few others preferred to make the most of a nearby beach bar
and deck chairs which was conveniently placed just a few meters away.
beach_bbq_jan2013 (16)Then Bottomless Pit and Sweatie arrived in the beer truck and that’s when
party really started.
beach_bbq_jan2013 (09)It just so happened that in no time at all, the beer truck was unloaded and
ready for
action, and the BBQ was producing the finest Sausages and Burgers
one could wish for.

beach_bbq_jan2013 (33)V.V. contributed by bringing along his Potato Salad which together with the sausages and burgers had everyone’s mouths watering.
beach_bbq_jan2013 (31)With stomachs satisfied and the beer flowing, the hardcore took to the warm inviting sea with beer in hands, and the ‘hot potato’ song was sung many times over, lead by Scar with 2T’s and Wank King’s Wanker.
beach_bbq_jan2013 (80)beach_bbq_jan2013 (82)Later in the afternoon, Uncle Pervy, Sir chicken F**ker,
King Yao Yao,
Ratso Eel Sniffer and Emperor Airhead arrived which
more or less made the
afternoon complete.
beach_bbq_jan2013 (53)beach_bbq_jan2013 (96)All in all, I guess between 50 and 60 people showed up for the beach fun, which
lasted until 5pm or 6pm when the beer truck finally ran dry.

A few hard core drinkers decided to remain behind when everyone else had departed
and beer was bought from a local shop.  What time this group finally left for home
can only be guessed at ?

All in all, a fine day was had by all and we look forward to the next time.

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