Beach social – March 2014

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PH3 Social day on the beach

Function: PH3 Beach BBQ and social day
Date: Saturday 29th March 2014
Location: North Pattaya (see maps below)
GPS: 12.9918248, 100.9217972
Numbers: 50 to 60 people

Hash-flash: Gangreen

Try the link underneath to open in Google Maps (or put it on a memory stick and use it with your favorite navigation app.).

(Google Maps:,100.9221673&z=17&daddr=12.9918248,100.9217972&output=classic&dg=ntvo)

The Beach Social —

 Beach Social – Photos 

PH3 Beach Social Saturday
March 29th 2014
Attendance: 64

It was a great day in the sun for the 64 Hashers attending the PH3 Beach Social. The world famous Brewmaster SIR BOTTOMLESS PIT stocked the beer truck with the usual beer and other liquid refreshments. Ingeniously, the Brewmaster substituted a BBQ in place of the usual ice blocks for grilling up the delicious German Bratwurst sausages, which were complemented with freshly baked buns, condiments and trimmings. NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER donated a bucket of his unforgettable potato salad; I say unforgettable because of how immensely heavy a scoop feels on your plate and gut. And so it was Party Time.

On hand were the visiting Danish sisters duo from the Odense-Nyborg H3, BRITNEY BEERS and BECAUSE IT WAS LIMP, who entertained with their many visits to the bush. As well, BIMBO and PRAYING MANTIS were in attendance being on a continuous “honeymoon” at least until confirmation of conception. BIMBO’S longevity beyond that milestone is questionable given the mating rituals of the PRAYING MANTIS. The brave visitors remaining from STUPID KRAUT CUNT’S annual Unmentionable Run joined the Party as well as many Monday Hash regulars. RA EMPEROR AIRHEAD arrived and departed early for a banana boat ride with a bevy of unemployed TQ beauties. No wonder he limited his intake of NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER potato salad.

We thank SIR BOTTOMLESS PIT and SWEETIE for their continued dedication and tireless contributions to the Pattaya PH3 as well as the entire Mis-Management for organizing a fantastic Beach Social.

I believe this may be the first “Beach Social” for PH3 because SIR BOTTOMLESS PIT convinced me to scribe this event on the grounds that I could plagiarize last year’s event from the database. Unfortunately I’d been duped because my search of the database went fruitless.

Until the next Beach Social,
Linear Accelerator