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The Whorator (R.I.P.)

                    Frank (The Whorator) Benfield - 6th December 1947 to 15th August 2020.

Frank Benfield

Sad news. Our great friend and fellow hasher Frank (The Whorator) Benfield has passed away in Australia, on the 15th August 2020, while undergoing treatment for brain cancer.

Frank was stationed in Thailand as a civilian advisor with the Royal Thai Navy Air Wing from 1984 to 1987, and it was during this period he got involved with the Pattaya Hash House Harriers.

The Whorator, whose first run #14 was on the 6th September 1984 had a total of 152 runs with the PH3. He was also GM from 1985 till 1986 and was mainly responsible for shaping and configuring the PH3 into what is now its present-day format.

Although Frank moved away from Thailand in 1987 and was still an active participant in hashing events worldwide, he was always interested on how the PH3 was fairing, and what of the well-being and locations of hashers “from his period.” He was also an avid participant, reading and commenting on many posts in the PH3 Facebook page.

I am sure there is a large contingent of deceased hashers, awaiting The Whorator’s arrival in the big hash circle in the sky. Taking over the GM’S position there, and getting things going, in the way, only he can. Whorator, you were a legend and will be sadly missed in the hashing community worldwide. To use a quote Frank made a few months ago, at another hasher’s passing, “Hashdom is a lot poorer for his passing, but richer for his presence.”

It must also be noted that Frank was tireless in his work for the rehabilitation of Australian military veterans.  (Link to military past -

Our condolences go out to his wife Clare.

From the “Old Days” L-R :- The Whorator, Sweetballs, Uncle Pervy.

All are deceased but keeping each other company in that “Circle in the Sky.”

R.I.P. guys.

On On General Kidney Wiper.






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Cap'n Squall (R.I.P.)

John (Cap'n Squall) Stall

Sad news. As you have probably read on this  group already, John (Cap'n Squall) Stall passed away last week. He was involved in the early days of the Pattaya Hash and his first run was Run #16 on the 4th Oct 1984. He was an active hasher and completed 134 runs with PH3. His main passion was sailing, so he moved to Koh Samui and got involved promoting sailing and also running with the Samui H3. I remember him getting Hash Shit in 1986, which actually was a lump of elephant shit. (In picture below, but not very clear).

In 1991 he also started the Koh Larn Classic Yacht Race - cum Hash Run, which became an annual event.

RIP Cap'n Squall.

p.s. He had quite a past. For those interested, here is the link.…/244-a-southeast-asian-sailing-le…

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Bald Headed C*#t (R.I.P.)

Dave (Bald Headed C*#T; Dr.Thrush) Chandler - 11th May 1939 to 8th August 2017.


Dave (Bald Head C**t; Dr. Thrush) Chandler passed away on the 8th Aug 2017. Dave's first run was #303 on the 19th Feb 1990. He was an active hasher and completed 327 runs. He was "Hash Quack" for most of the 90s & early 2000s, administrating his medicine which was a "One Cure Potion," of which he concocted a new batch every week.

He loved his diving and his hashing. Although he did complain, in confidence, a few times that his hash name, B.H.C. stood for "British High Commissioner" later changed to "Bald Headed Cunt,"  he always knew not to complain or have "Festering" put on the front of it.

In deference of his medical standing of "Hash Quack," his hash name was changed to "Dr. Thrush."

As well as hashing, Dave became a diving instructor in Pattaya in 1995 and was taught by Steve Blumenthal, "Spunk Bubble" who also sadly passed away several years ago. He completed over 2,500 dives all over Thailand but mostly taught in Pattaya. He went on to become a IDC Staff Instructor which means he helped teach Instructors to be Instructors.

Dave is survived by his sons, who also are hashers and divers. Pete "Cunts Kid,"  Neil "Menstrual Boy" and Matt "like Father like Cunt."

RIP Dave.

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