Golden Hare Rule

No hares on the Run
No Hares o the Run

No Hares allowed on the run! If hares laid their run properly there is no need for any of them to be on the run. Hares spotted on the run risk hash shit.

Hares are welcome to help with the circle preparations on A-site.

I want to Hare a Run

We always appreciate PH3 hashers or hashers from other Hash clubs to act as Hares. Please either use our ‘Contact Us’ page to let us know which Run you would like to hare or contact our Hare Raiser: HORSE Tel 0879068280. You may also check with our Receding Hareline to make sure your Run is not already taken.

Map and Directions

A-site 1500
A-site 1500

Hares are required to provide a map and written directions to the location of the A-site so the bus driver and hashers with their private cars know where the A-site is. The map should include distance in km, landmarks, and clear indication where the “HHH” signs will be posted. Starting point of map should be Sukhumvit and any of its 3¬†perpendicular main roads leading into/out Pattaya.¬†The map is published in the Hashsheet and on the website one week before the Run. So make sure you hand it in at least 10 days prior to your run.

Both, written directions and map should be handed over to the Hare Raiser.

Sample of written directions:

Drive South from Klang for 15.5 Km. Turn left at The traffic lights and drive all the way up Buddha Mountain road for 9.5 Km to Highway 331 (HHH). Turn left for 100m to (HHH). Then Turn right and drive 1.7Km to (HHH). Turn left and drive 900m following the (HHH) signs to the A-site in a big open area.