How best do I provide Run Photos for the Website?

We use images for each run to picture-illustrate that our runs and on-ons are really entertaining and a lot of fun. Usually it is the Hash Flash’s job to take pictures, but many of our hashers can’t resist to join in the action and take digital stills themselves. If you would like to have them published, follow the below guidelines to submit them to us. Be aware though, we cannot guarantee that all submitted material can or will be published (server overload/crash).

a) Only send/upload images that can be used in public airing.

b) Name the files (images) starting with RunXXXX-YY (XXXX = run number; YY = identifier e.g.: 01, 02, etc.)

c) Send image captions in email referring to RunXXXX-YY

d) Width size: not bigger than 1000px and not smaller than 800px.

e) Format: jpg

f) Limit official run images (taken by Hash Flash) to 25-30 max.

g) Only send/upload good quality images.

h) Choose images that are interesting to look at, funny and happy, where people are recognized or interesting group setting, runs scenes, Well, you get the drift.

Thanks. Adhering to the above as closely as possible lifts a lot of work off the webmaster. If you still have doubts about the procedure, contact the webmaster using the email address in the footer.