Is there an On-On after the Run and Circle?

Yes, there is. After leaving A-site we will re-connect at a different bar each Monday: The On-On Bar Sequel is as follows:

Mondays of Month Bar Name Address/Directions Map
1st Monday Secrets  Walking Street Soi 14 Click
2nd Monday A Team Club  Soi Xzyte off Soi Buakaow Click
3rd Monday Jameson’s Click
4th and 5th Monday TQ (1) Click

Hash Bar Location Maps



A Team Club
a teamclub

A Team Club Location Map

Jameson’s Irish Pub

TQ – Tahitian Queen
Tehitian Queen


Can dogs join?


We do not encourage people to bring their dogs as we have had dog fights and lost dogs on runs before. It is up to each individual to decide whether their 4-legged friend is well-behaved and does not cause interruptions on A-site. However, no dogs are allowed to join the circle.

Run Day

The PH3 runs every Monday afternoon. Starting at 3.15 pm, gathering at the meeting point on Pattaya 2nd Road opposite Mcdonalds and ‘The Avenue ‘ shopping plaza at around 3:15pm and leaving for the A-site at 3.30 pm