Who is doing the Editing, Censoring of the Scribe?

We want to keep the author’s writing style and his or her originality to remain. In general, virtually every word of your report will be printed verbatim.When you submit your scribe we will publish it as is with these few exceptions:

Prosecutable slander will be deleted, a high hurdle which we have yet to reach, but you are very clever and I know one of you will find a way to get there.

We will tinker with the format of your report to conform to our style guide – these are things like correcting punctuation errors and misspelled words, unless obviously intended, minor syntax corrections, bold face and capitalizing all hash names, bolding and\or italicizing clever phrases, quoting and italicizing quotes.

We have no objection coarse or vulgar language, much as in our circle.

There are a very few words words which everyone knows are unacceptable even in impolite society. which we will delete or substitute an equally offensive but less socially hurtful.

We have published scribes written in crayon. Come on hashers, just ask us we’ll lend you a pen.

How to send the Scribe

Send it directly in the email body or as attachment. Either way it needs to be editable = copy/paste procedure.

How to Write the Run Report

Keep it simple. No formatting except maybe bold highlighting the Hash Names. Any fancy formatting will have to be stripped because:
a) our CMS application has already its own formatting style so all reports will look identical
b) our CMS application may interpret fancy formatting differently and the result would not be as intended.
c) same as in b) 2 different formatting may be in conflict with each other.