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Haring a Run

I want to Hare a Run

We always appreciate PH3 hashers or hashers from other Hash clubs to act as Hares. Please either use our ‘Contact Us’ page to let us know which Run you would like to hare or contact our Hare Raiser: HORSE Tel 0879068280. You may also check with our Receding Hareline to make sure your Run is not already taken.

Choosing the A-Site (Circle Site)

Make sure the bus can travel the route and park close to the circle site during the duration of the run and circle. During rainy season it is wise to chose a circle site with a shelter. Please note if you pick a circle site that is far from town and you want to set a long run, please contact the GM and discuss it with him, it can then be arranged for the bus to leave earlier. Of course the earlier you advise the GM the easier it will be to make the necessary changes.

Marking a Run, Shredded Paper

Shredded Hash Paper
Shredded Hash Paper

In general shredded paper is used to mark the run trail and spray-paint to indicate check marks or false trails. Tapioca flour is a definitely more environment friendly. If you decide to use flour make sure you use enough of it to keep the trails well visible and an eventual rain is not ruining your run. Never spray-paint on fixed objects like streets, walls, trees, etc. This is considered vandalism and no matter how well the run was organized and laid-out, you will get Hash Shit. Purchase shredded paper at any printing shop in town. Make sure the color of the paper does not match the color of the grass-in-season. Once the run is underway the hares stay at the circle site and prepare the ice.

Hare Assistants

The PH3 sponsors 2 hares only. Since hares may have expenses setting their run the PH3 waives their run fee.

Run Durations

A normal run is about 45 to 60 minutes. If you decide you to set a longer run (1 hour +) please advise the GM. A word of warning: runs under 30 minutes are considered short runs and should be avoided. They are the main reason for hashers being awarded with the PH3 Hashshit Award.

Map and Directions

A-site 1500
A-site 1500

Hares are required to provide a map and written directions to the location of the A-site so the bus driver and hashers with their private cars know where the A-site is. The map should include distance in km, landmarks, and clear indication where the “HHH” signs will be posted. Starting point of map should be Sukhumvit and any of its 3 perpendicular main roads leading into/out Pattaya. The map is published in the Hashsheet and on the website one week before the Run. So make sure you hand it in at least 10 days prior to your run.

Both, written directions and map should be handed over to the Hare Raiser.

Sample of written directions:

Drive South from Klang for 15.5 Km. Turn left at The traffic lights and drive all the way up Buddha Mountain road for 9.5 Km to Highway 331 (HHH). Turn left for 100m to (HHH). Then Turn right and drive 1.7Km to (HHH). Turn left and drive 900m following the (HHH) signs to the A-site in a big open area.

Drawing the Map

It is not expected that every Hare can draw a map on the computer. However, if the map you provide is hand sketched, make sure it is clear and easy to read.

HHH Road Signs

HHH Road Sign
HHH Road Sign

The HHH signs remain at their location until the end of that particular run. The Hares responsible for setting the Run for the following week will pick up the HHH-signs on their way home from the A-site.

Hare Song

As a Hare you will be asked to sing a song in the circle. However, you are not required to produce your own hare song nor sing one. Ask the Master of Music to sub for you.


As a virgin hare you are immune to Hash Shit, but not ice. Pick your co-hare well!!

Golden Hare Rule

No hares on the Run
No Hares o the Run

No Hares allowed on the run! If hares laid their run properly there is no need for any of them to be on the run. Hares spotted on the run risk hash shit.

Hares are welcome to help with the circle preparations on A-site.

Unable to set the Run

If you are unable to set your run on your designated week, it is your responsibility to find a competent replacement hare.

A to A Runs versus A to B Runs

If you lay an A to B run (starting at one location, ending at another) you need an emergency vehicle and a sweeper for the run. A to A runs are preferred over A to B runs.Several hashers drive their own cars or bikes out to the run site. Transporting these vehicles to the B site might cause some unnecessary difficulties. Runners get frequently lost on runs due to all kinds of reasons. In an A to B run only with luck do those runners find us for the ongoing proceedings of the hash. A to B runs tend to get more Hash Shits.

Off-Limit Places

Wat sites (Temples) are off limits to hash circles. We do not want to offend our Thai hosts.

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The Run

Run Day

The PH3 runs every Monday afternoon. Starting at 3.15 pm, gathering at the meeting point on Pattaya 2nd Road opposite Mcdonalds and ‘The Avenue ‘ shopping plaza at around 3:15pm and leaving for the A-site at 3.30 pm

Run Fees

The Run costs 350 Baht for males and 150 Baht for females. Children under 16 years of age cost 50 Baht. Included in this price are transport to A-Site and back, beer during the circle, water and snacks. Please bring correct change.

On site activities include rag and other hash paraphernalia sales and raffle tickets.

Meeting Point to Join the Run

Board the local bus that is parked usually at the Family Mart on Pattaya 2nd Road between soi 13 and 13/1 (Lek Hotel) and opposite McDonalds in ‘The Avenue’, the big shopping/restaurant complex. We start meeting there around 3.15 pm Monday afternoon. Bus leaves at 3.30 pm.

Below image shows Family Mart between soi 13 and 13/1:

Family Mart between soi 13 and 13/1
Family Mart between soi 13 and 13/1
Map of meeting point 2nd Road level Lek Hotel and McDonalds at the Avenue
Map of meeting point 2nd Road level Lek Hotel and McDonalds at the Avenue


Is there an On-On after the Run and Circle?

Yes, there is. After leaving A-site we will re-connect at a different bar each Monday: The On-On Bar Sequel is as follows:

Mondays of Month Bar Name Address/Directions Map
1st Monday Secrets  Walking Street Soi 14 Click
2nd Monday A Team Club  Soi Xzyte off Soi Buakaow Click
3rd Monday Jameson’s Click
4th and 5th Monday TQ (1) Click

Hash Bar Location Maps



A Team Club
a teamclub

A Team Club Location Map

Jameson’s Irish Pub

TQ – Tahitian Queen
Tehitian Queen


Can dogs join?


We do not encourage people to bring their dogs as we have had dog fights and lost dogs on runs before. It is up to each individual to decide whether their 4-legged friend is well-behaved and does not cause interruptions on A-site. However, no dogs are allowed to join the circle.

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How to Write the Run Report

Keep it simple. No formatting except maybe bold highlighting the Hash Names. Any fancy formatting will have to be stripped because:
a) our CMS application has already its own formatting style so all reports will look identical
b) our CMS application may interpret fancy formatting differently and the result would not be as intended.
c) same as in b) 2 different formatting may be in conflict with each other.

How to send the Scribe

Send it directly in the email body or as attachment. Either way it needs to be editable = copy/paste procedure.

Deadline for Scribe

Please send your run report to the webmaster before 12:00 noon the following Wednesday.use  this email address:


Who is doing the Editing, Censoring of the Scribe?

We want to keep the author’s writing style and his or her originality to remain. In general, virtually every word of your report will be printed verbatim.When you submit your scribe we will publish it as is with these few exceptions:

Prosecutable slander will be deleted, a high hurdle which we have yet to reach, but you are very clever and I know one of you will find a way to get there.

We will tinker with the format of your report to conform to our style guide – these are things like correcting punctuation errors and misspelled words, unless obviously intended, minor syntax corrections, bold face and capitalizing all hash names, bolding and\or italicizing clever phrases, quoting and italicizing quotes.

We have no objection coarse or vulgar language, much as in our circle.

There are a very few words words which everyone knows are unacceptable even in impolite society. which we will delete or substitute an equally offensive but less socially hurtful.

We have published scribes written in crayon. Come on hashers, just ask us we’ll lend you a pen.

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Hashing with PH3

What’s the Story of the ‘SIR’s in Front of Hash Names?

PH3 hashers will get a ‘SIR’ in front of their names once they reach 500 runs. Emperor is for PH3 hashers reaching 1’000 runs. Only runs ran with the PH3 count.

Who are the Sir’s right now (August 2013) ? click here !
Who are getting close (August 2013) ? click here !

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