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Our friend Wayne (In memory of Wayne Tishburn)

by Howie

Hash Groupie
Hash Groupie

San Francisco was a simple place then. It had the San Francisco Seals of Pacific Coast League in Baseball, something called the San Francisco 49ers in the All American Football League, a minor league hockey team, a lot of college football (Cal, Stanford, USF, Santa Clara, St. Mary’s), the Opera, a Labor friendly city government and a small time atmosphere. He grew up there with his parents and sister.

Then it was a tour of duty with the U.S. Navy where he may or may not have had his first introduction to Asia and the near East. He lived for a time in Southern California where he worked in the defense industry. Then it was soon to the Oil Rich Kingdoms which spawn “ex-pats” from all the nations of the world.

His first choice was Beirut during its heydays, a glamorous place with plenty of action and excitement. An Uncivil War put an end to that. Then on to Thailand where he found his calling. He enjoyed everything about the country. He loved the easy excess to pleasure and the chance to start over from whatever had driven him from his home in America.

Along the way he acquired at least two wives. One of them a black lady in Southern California. He was a redneck without prejudices. He believed that whatever a person chooses to do was their business and theirs alone. He settled into life in Pattaya the way a duck takes to water. He fit the city and the city fit his style.

He presided from his front row table over Soi Post Office the way the literary greats of the 20’s ruled the Algonquin famous round table at the Hotel of the same name. He did it with just as much style and grace. The difference was that his table was located at the Nacho Noi, The Wild Chicken and finally the Hare House. On those days when he didn’t show up in his t-shirts, shorts and “Zorro’s” the street seemed to be tilting. Something was not right. There was an imbalance. Now that situation will be permanent.

No one ever enjoyed talking more than “Himself”. He read a lot, was well versed about most all subjects and had strong opinions on everything. Although he hadn’t been back to the States in year’s he was keenly aware of what was going on. He once told a friend, “I’ll never go back.” And now he won’t.

Sitting with “Himself” at the “main table” was always a delight. At one establishment there were two tables, aside each other, in front.

His was on the right. Many a time a person had come in and had to sit on the left until a seat at the “main game” opened. One time a person left the “main table” as he was also getting up to visit the restroom. This writer took one seat leaving “His” open. A newcomer came in and sat in that place. The person next to me left before he returned from the lou. He sat next to me. Looked at the interloper sitting in “HIS PLACE”. “He doesn’t know.”

He loved talk (about almost anything), he loved the HASH, he loved giving advice, directions and reminiscing about the old days. He loved a little Mekong (make that a lot), a good meal or a trip to the TQ. For a period of time he never left his seat overseeing activity on Soi Post Office. Yet he would still know everything that was going on in his city.

Those that don’t know will dismiss him as just another “ex-pat” who drank too much and talked about “what was”. They would be wrong. He was more. Much more. He was Pattaya. He was every man who had fought the battle of life and somehow not won, as we all must loose. He made a place for himself in the country of his choice.  He was special. He was special to all those that really knew him. He was our friend Wayne. We will miss him with all our hearts. We pray that he is now in Gods hands. We hope that God realizes what a treasurer he’s just acquired.

May you rest in peace.

Hash Groupie  (R.I.P) – Goodbye Words from Hashers

Hash Groupie
Hash Groupie

Wayne P. Tishburn – HASH GROUPIE, born Jan 11th 1941, died under tragic circumstances in a Bangkok hotel room Aug 3rd 1999. Well-known in Pattaya over 20 years, owner of Nacha Nois and a partner and publican at the White Elephant that became the Wild Chicken in later years, he had his last domicile at The Hare House in Soi Post Office. Through Wayne’s involvement The Hare House became quickly the meeting point for local golfers and hash house harriers from all over the world.

Wayne ended his hashing life at the PH3 with a total of 381 runs. That placed him 9th in the highest run total ranking. He was a Mismanagement member since 1993 and had since occupied the duty of Hash Piss every year after. In 1998 and 1999 he took on the job as Hash cash and numerous other odd little nit bits were carried out by him. Famous for never actively running or walking on a run he did act as Hare 8 times and made the Songkhran Run (Thai Water Festival) his run.

The Pattaya Hash House Harriers will be missing a very valued member!


Patrick and Noot Van den Berghe
and Frits Caroen
Why was “Wayne” taken “Away”?
This and many other questions will follow us for a long, long time.
Mostly we will never get the answer for the created “emptiness”, which results in a impossibility to fill our hearts with the appropriate condolences. The best we can do, and should do on behalf of Wayne, is continuing in the same spirit and style as shown and indicated by him on un-countless occasions.
Let’s do that; Fellow Friends, and it might contribute to all of us; Left with this memory. We will not leave you Wayne; God Bless and from where you are, know that you are not far away; Dear Wayne.
Dan Dorothy
Frank and Woody were right, both Pattaya and the world will be a little poorer with the sad passing of one of our own.
We truly will miss the man who had become an icon on Soi Post Office (Soi Groupie?).
However, Groupie is already standing behind that big old red truck in the sky, pouring down downs and sipping his flammable Mekong mixed with coke, admonishing Hares Cabin Boy’s Bum Boy and Jesse Sandoval to “takes the cups from the front!”
Mike Landau
Honorable G. M.
Yes, we have lost yet another great hasher. But, he will always be with us in spirit and all those great memories. I wish that I could be with the Pattaya Hash now to honor the memory of Groupie and put his spirit on ice next monday. Please do me the great honor of mentioning condolences to Groupie on the next Monday Hash.
I’ll be driniking a down down and thinking of all my friends on the Hash.
Denys De Vantier
I was very saddened to hear of the untimely departure of Hash Groupie to that big On On out there somewhere. He will be really missed. Please pass on my condolences.
Susie Ngamsuwan
FOSSIL, your partner in Sign-up
Wayne, I can see you up there in space now dogging all those emails that are presently exchanged among hashers all over planet earth with you as their content. You definitely were no computer person, but look what little impact you made to the Internet. I will miss you and our weekly sign-up job we both had for the past 1 1/2 years. You will be remembered for a long time to come.
Good-bye Wayne!
Billy Sheal
PH3’s present GM
Always smiling and with the latest anecdote on who had done what (including himself), Wayne was a one off. He was one of the founding father helpers on the Pattaya Hash and could always be found in the closest vicinity of the beer truck. Although his favorite tipple was Mekong, he was not against having his beer down down.
They say “The good always die young”, and in this case it is one hundred per cent true.
Through the years we have lost a few Pattaya Hashers the hard way. Each time it is more difficult to accept. I do not know if it is because we get older and see our own demise coming towards us, or, as I think it truly is, we form stronger bonds. I know in this particular instance, it was a stronger bond to a great and easygoing guy.
Wayne, or Groupie as we all really called him, will be sadly missed by us all.
On On
From an ex-GrandMaster to the Pattaya Hash when it was still in its infancy
Thursday – August 5th 1999
Frank Benfield
and Clare
The passing of Wayne is tragic and sad because of the who & what the bloke was. Just a bloody good bloke if I may be permitted to introduce an Aussie colloquialism. A good friend in troubled times and always such a generous bloke.
Like you all in Pattaya, I am saddened by his passing and share your mourning.
I remember his reluctance to join in, the then burgeoning, Pattaya Hash activities in 1984. As the then HashMaster I recruited him to be our Santa Claus in 1984 on the firm understanding that he didn’t have to run! And to the best of my knowledge Wayne never ran. On that night or on any subsequent Hash night until his untimely passing. But that never prevented him from embracing Hashing and in particular Hashing in the best possible Pattaya style, with gusto. I know many others will have fond memories and stories of Wayne and I hope that all of those stories are shared in the coming days.
In Pattaya, celebrate his life folks, for Wayne would surely do that for us. He will be missed by us all.
Hashdom is a fair bit poorer today, for the Hash Groupie is no longer here.
On On, Wayne, On On forever!
Terry Tsikleas
LayMe Athens Hash
Dear All
I have just received a forwarded e-mail from Malacca Katoy about the sad loss of our very fine friend and fellow Hasher, Hash Groupie. Please pass on my sincere condolences to his family and staff of the Hare House.
His friendship, good wit and helpfulness in Pattaya will be sorely missed as will his activities with the beer truck on the Hash. I assume the gang in Pattaya will mount some suitable memorial in the bar where he always sat or somewhere else and I will be honoured to contribute towards it if needed.
With sorrowfull regards
Alfred Stimoli –
Friday – August 6th 1999
It was with dismay that I heard of Wayne’s “Groupies” untimely and tragic death. I was lucky enough to have met him on my last trip to Pattaya earlier this year.
To say that I’m shocked is an understatement. Could you please pass on my condolences to his friends, family and fellow hashers?
Thank you. On On.
Peter Guastamacchia
So sorry to hear the tragic news about Wayne(Groupie). He will be greatly missed. The Hash will never be the same. Please pass on my deepest regrets to all concerned. He was a good friend to me before and after I joined the Hash. His smiles at the beer truck will never be replaced.
Deepest Regrets
Petter Nygaard
Dear fellow Hashers
This is a sad moment for al of us that knew Groupie. He was always there, with a smile, ready to talk with you and share a drink with you. I`ll drink my next down down to Groupie. I miss you deeply.
ON ON forever Wayne
Please pass on my condolences to his family and friends.
Chiang Mai Hash SUPERMAN
for CH3 and CSH3
Pattaya Hash House Harriers.
Chiang Mai Hashers who knew Wayne were saddened to hear the tragic news of his death. Our thoughts are with all his friends in Pattaya.
Pete Howard
R.I.P. indeed.
….make that “Rave on In Partyspace” – >>>bzz<<< Sunday – August 8th 1999 From Frank Hay – SMURF
Sorry to hear about the loss of Wayne, our Hash Groupie. There will be an empty space on soi postoffice now where a friendly familiar face was there to greet you. Even if you were only passing by he was there as always. Alas nomore. A familiar site will no longer be there on my return to Pattaya, one that lets you know “it’s good to be home”. He is gone now but never forgotten, he will still be there the next time I walk down soi postoffice, he will still be there.
Bob Stroup
2000BoB (), in
Wayne alias Groupie alias Natcho Mentor. One last tequila sunrise in Paradise. This is a sad day for 2000BoB. All memories of Wayne are most pleasant indeed and will live on through cyberspace communications as these.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Cap’n Dreadnaught for his efforts in putting the Patch Paradise Telegraph together and including myself among the illustrious communicators. Best wishes to all and please, tip a few in memory of our brother Wayne. My only regret is my personal wake tipple is not Mekong whiskey!
Colin Dresner
(extracts from several messages)
– Wayne, as you know, was one of those people – our people – you could catch up to after any absence and just carry on as before. He was a tremendous repository of Pattaya folklore. A human jewel.
– Wayne was the genuine welcoming smile personified, and will be greatly missed. One of life’s dependable landmarks is no longer there to steer by.
– I gather that on his last day Wayne was partying in BKK during a visa run? I first met him returning from Penang on a visa trip, end of ’79/early ’80 or so. For an ordinary Joe that might be a sobering resonance, but…
– I was with my brother Martin here in the UK yesterday (5 August) and we held a little wake for Wayne, got out some long-unseen pix featuring His Nachoness, yourself, Fu Daeng (Carl), De Germ, Bruce and others. Wow…there was my late Dad, the late Jeff the Scottish ex-Royal Navy submariner and ex-Foreign Legionnaire, and now the late Wayne. As we had to explain the characters, the context, the pictures, the tales, the vibes, Wayne’s fulcrum-like position in so many people’s lives, his awful death and our mood to Martin’s wife Wendy, it was a truly moving session.
We toasted Wayne’s memory in San Miguel, the excellent Spanish variety (not that sorry imitation of beer from the Philippines), which I know Wayne would’ve ranked up there with the fabulous Khun Phaen brew that was once upon a time such a hit – in every sense of the word – at Nacho Noi’s and on his various boat and road trips…
…which in my memory will go on and on and on…
– Yes, Wayne is dead. In itself that might perhaps not be so upsetting, we all gotta go sometime and you could never have accused the Nachomeister of conducting a healthy lifestyle. The man went out partying, is what we would wish. Except of course that in his case the last few minutes or hours were no longer any party. The shock of it is that a dear friend was murdered, that’s wasted, fkkn WASTED…but but but his life was never ever a waste to all of his friends and to all of the people who became friends because Wayne came into their lives.
And now I know that every time we share a reminiscence and a dirty old laugh we do it not only for ourselves but also for and with Wayne, and Jesse, Jeremy, Jeff of the Foreign Legion, my Dad, all of the fallen ones and those yet to fall, so that the Great Party raves on and on across every dimension of every universe that science can discover and that we ourselves can and do invent.
For fkkn ever!!!
Bill Kirkpatrick
What happened to Wayne? If we learn that he was robbed, laid or once had a dick up his ass, who cares? He’s dead! And he was a good friend.
Time moves on, we all go our separate ways but I always felt that sometime, somehow, in Thailand we would all meet again. One more round table meeting in Nacho Noi’s or Soi 6, but all would be there. I read your tales, laugh, remember, check my dick for greenies, recall Maam, Tuck, Noi, Dang, Lek, you name her, but a few of us will now be missing. Jeremy, Jesse, now Wayne. The President is dead; long live the President! Wayne will be replaced by others as you and
I were replaced, but the memories for me are of good guys, good times, nuts, life, Pickles, Crazy Carl, Clive, Finch and of course WAYNE! Stick a dick up his ass, rob him, smoke a joint next to a used condom, who gives a fuck! HE WAS OUR PAL!
Ed Liegis
Monday – August 9th 1999
For all of us, time spent in Thailand changed our lives. We all experienced and saw things that folks less travelled may have a hard time believing. I really feel that the group of people that came from all points of the globe to experience Thailand as we did came out of it with a positive impact and better prepared to deal with whatever life dealt us. Wayne was an intrical part of the life experience in Thailand. His passing leaves a big hole. I can only remember the countless afternoons sitting with Wayne in Nacho Noi’s running up a tab with quantities of Kloster’s (reputed to have square bubbles). Boat trips where more often than not the passengers were far more pretty shakey getting off of the boat than on. Still to this day when the day is not going well, thoughts of hot days and nights, and good company in South Pattaya put a grin on this face!
Thanks Wayne for being a part of it. You will always be in our memories!
From John Earl
Tuesday – August 10th 1999
The deep shock of Wayne’s passing has come as a shock to many who knew this fine man, trying to think of some appropriate words of my own I can only think of a passing comment from Eddy Henheffer on Saturday in the TQ.
“Pope, I am heart broken. I knew that man for 17 years. In all that time I never heard him tell a lie or try to cheat someone.”
Like Eddy I met Wayne in 1980 or 1981 and on my frequent R&R trips to Pattaya, Nacho Nois was a frequent watering hole for me. Last week I lost a good friend, mentor and older brother. Wayne will always have a special place in my heart.
Peter Holeczek
Well, the Hugh Jorgen Memorial H3 had their run on aug 5 and as there seems to be an inordinatly high number of Hughies who have been in Pattaya before. The mood was somewhat somber until enough beer was consumed to lighten the atmosphere a tad. Having finally decided to accept the truth of the events of last week, we gave Groupie the best dedication we could. Even people who had never heard of Wayne were saddened as the stories about him and his irreplacable contribution to expats and visitors alike were recounted throughout the circle. We tried to give him the honor and respect that a man with his social impact deserved, but, of course it would be impossible to really do justice to such an undertaking. I’m sure hashes throughout the world will remember him fondly since just about every hash must have someone who has been to Pattaya and enjoyed his company as well as his stories. I hope you all are holding up well under these difficult circumstances and don’t be afraid to tell your good friends that you love them while you have the chance. Take care and please keep me informed as I seem to be the main source of info about this on a local level. The sun is shining and I’m going for a ride on my little blue H/D.
We in Vancouver grieve with you…
Peter Frodsham
GM Emeritus
Hugh Jorgen Memorial H3
Vancouver, B.C. Canada.
Wednesday – August 11th 1999
“Bye Wayne, see you in October”. I spoke those words on July 1st 1999.
A month ago, BCB and I spent a couple of weeks in Pattaya, staying at the Hare House (where else?), and most of the time while in there, sat near, watched and listened to Wayne hold court on life, the universe and everything! Whenever anyone needed to tune into Pattaya quickly, Wayne was the source of all information, Hashing and otherwise. He was the anchor, the rock, the constant for all of us visitors to Pattaya. A big bear of a man, with a no nonsense kindness that those who did not know him may consider brusque. Those who knew him loved the man for his honesty and directness. Around him, the world was safe and normal.
I will miss you Wayne. No one can replace the presence you brought to Soi Post Office. There is nothing else that I can say which everyone who knew you is not already thinking.
We dedicated the last Hugh Jorgen run here in Vancouver to you Wayne. Even when the police tried to shut us down (a regular occurrence), nobody left until “Swing Low, sweet chariot” was sung, quietly and emotionally. I know you’ll smile at that one! “If you get there, before I do” – poignant words that brought a few tears, lots of memories, and a profound sense of real loss.
And then a few of us went a finished a bottle of Mekong I had left over from that last trip. We poured one for you.
Bye Wayne, we won’t see you in October, but we’ll feel you in everything around us. You’ll still be there, your presence will take a long, long time to fade. No one else will ever fill that stool at the end of the counter.
Thank you for being who you were, no compromise. Thanks for the memories. On On, for now.
Gerry Finlay
Saturday – August 14th 1999
Thanks for passing on the sad news about Wayne. There are some people in this world that you think are going to be there forever and he was one of them. I met him almost twenty years ago when I was just arriving in Saudi Arabia and he was just leaving (yes Wayne did work at one time). The rest is history. We’ll never forget him. He told me that he had a son in Bellingham, Washington and we in Vancouver are just down the road if there’s anything we can do.
Vic Strickland
I was shocked to hear of Wayne’s death and I’m one of hundreds, or more likely thousands, who will feel a great loss. His company alone was always a good reason to visit Pattaya. Please pass on to the GM and the others my condolences – I know how much you will all miss Wayne. He was like a brother to all of us and a rare and unusual kind of man. My best regards to all of you.
Mark Gordon
Tuesday – August 17th 1999
I only recently got to know Wayne and had looked forward to his company on future trips to Pattaya and my first Hash run there. Thus his untimely death was especially tragic and all too sudden for me. At least I feel fortunate to have spent a couple of pleasant hours with him at the Hare House in June. He was very interested and encouraging toward our Hashes in Laos. I am the hare for the Vientiane Saturday Hash this week, and I am dedicating my run to Wayne. Please tell his loved ones and friends of this as respects paid to his passing are rippling around the world.
Jack Shook
Bob Hager
AND Matt & Mitch Shook
Friday, 20th August 1999
We were all shocked to hear about Wayne & we’re always looking forward to seeing him and getting the lowdown on life in Thailand everytime we returned. GodSpeed Wayne from your old club members in the Southern California Sidehack Assoc. and Dirt Diggers M.C.. We’ll all miss talking about Hopetown Grand Prix , Desert racing, and all the old good times.
Fred Huff Howie Reed Wayne had been a good friend for many years and I considered him a good will ambassador for Pattaya as well as Thailand. All my trips would start and end at ‘Wayne’s Place’, whether it was Nacha Nois, The Wild Chicken or The Hare House. He was always the same, congenial, humorous, and extremely helpful. Whether it was the old day boat trip, or just to dinner, Wayne always knew the ‘right’ place at the ‘right price’. If it rained we would sit for endless hours watching all the traffic on Soi Post Office where Wayne knew everything and everybody. I’ll miss those enlightening moments as I’m sure a lot of people will. I’m sure Pattaya will miss him more than it knows. Goodbye big guy, we’ll all miss you.
Dan Dorothy
He and I had something in common in that we were both raised in the San Francisco Bay area. There is nothing Wayne loved more then talking about “old” San Francisco, its people and various places. If there had never been a Pattaya Beach when Wayne arrived, they would have invented one for him. He was an institution. I will miss him and trust in God that he finds piece and happiness.
Michel Desloover Groupie was about the only regular I had been keeping in touch with, verbally, over the past few months. I guess maybe I can now see how foolish it has been of me not to get out and see everyone a lot more. Life truly is short.
Jeff Paladeau
I am very saddened by the news of Wayne’s passing.
Brian Brizzell Couldn’t believe the news! Wayne was a good person, a great friend to all and will be dearly missed.
Mark Westendorf
I was deeply pained to hear of Wayne’s death. I had met him on the first day I was in Pattaya back in 1981. I wish I could be there for his send off. Say goodbye to him for me.
Patrik and A. Extremely shocked to hear news about Wayne. Met up with Pervy the day after we got the news. Both of us shared in the great loss. Many years of friendship gone with Wayne.
Paul Donahue
I got really sad to hear that Wayne has left us….. The only thing I can say is that if I had any problem he’s help was always there. And I really gona miss him!!! I hope that he is in an even better world now.
Todd Enquist
I join with all of Wayne’s friends who are mourning his death. I can’t get Wayne out of my mind. I will miss him very much. The front counter of the Hare House will never seem the same without him.
Larry Hettinger
Wayne was a fixture, an anchor of reliability and dependability in (what appeared to be) Pattaya’s sea of kinda dodgy here-today-gone-tomorrow scoundrels. I am deeply sad as I consider it a personal loss of a good friend. My heart goes out to all of you who knew him even better than I and must be suffering even more.
Kai and Gaow Rudolph Germany
Sunday, 22nd August 1999
I received the message of Wayne’s death from my fiend Patrik from Sweden. It makes me shocked and in this moment everything in my head was going upside down. Until today to me it is impossible to realize that this friendly and good man is gone forever. It is painful to me, to thank him for his tips and advises helping to organize my dirts, on this way. With endless patience he tried to understand my German pigeon English. During all those years I never heard him lie or trying to cheat someone. The empty space he leave behind , and to me this is for sure, nobody can refill. Please pass my condolences to all the others.
WAYNE, we will missing your wicked eyes. Here a few extracts from some more emails: Will be missed. When I go, he’ll probably be sitting at the pearly gates with a ledger. He’ll look up at me and ask “Did you pay?”
Jim Thompson
Monday, 23rd August, 1999
I just want to say how profound and deeply distressed I am from learning about Wayne’s demise. Only last month I was sitting with him having the usual conversations, concerning life, ex-wives, etc. Although I am not a hasher, I have been good friends with Wayne since 1977 when we worked together for Northrop Corp in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. I’ve never missed performing my annual reunion with him and others during the ritual R&Rs from Saudi and Kuwait for the past 20 years. We’ve been known to toke a few good ones and have (over a Kloster or Mekon) a conversation or two concerning ex-wives, expats, the latest numero uno at Sabai-land, etc. I have closely monitored the situation here in the U.S. and in Thailand and still can’t believe this has happened to such a cool guy and good friend. His voice and presence continues to reverberate in my mind. There is nothing that makes sense about this; God, I so wish it was only a bad dream. My sorrow is no more than his other friends, and no less. I can only ask that Wayne saves a seat for me and the others wherever he is, as we will all re-join in another experience, of another kind, in another world, sooner or later. But for now the hurt is real. Soi Post Office will never be the same. The thought of walking up to the Hare House without seeing Wayne, the meeter/greeter, offering his usual greetings and bringing you the latest up-to-date global information, is something that would be very difficult to handle. Thank you Wayne, thank you for being my friend.
Ernie & Pin Bakke
Tuesday, 24 August, 1999
I wished we could of been there to see Groupie off last weekend, but we are still stuck in Canada. Soi Post Office will never be the same now with out our good friend Wayne. He would always tell me what good shows to go to & all the news of Pattaya when I returned from work. Wayne would be over to my pickup for a good home brew on every hash. As soon as pin Tin Tin & I get back we will have to have one more Home Brew Down Down at the back of the pickup just for Groupie. He will be missed in my heart for ever, one of the good ones.
Erik Sjonnesen
Saudi Arabia
Thursday, 26th August 1999
To all Hashers,
It is with shock I heard about Wayne’s death. He was a close friend the time I spent in Pattaya, and I will always remember the time we were sitting in Wild Chicken with a mekhong and a beer. I could always ask him for advice and I could talk to him when I had some problems. I never got the pleasure to visit him in his Hare House. A trip to Pattaya is planned next year, and I’m sorry it was to late to meet with him again. All my condolences. On On forever Wayne, one day we meet again wherever it is. A down down to your memory.
Richard West
Saturday, 27th November 1999
Sorry to hear about the loss of Wayne. I only completed the one run with the PH3 in Jan of ’99 (back to the Rovers for chilli) and on the bus I remember sitting next to Wayne (not much room on the seat for both of us) and having a good laugh with him. As I say, I only met him the once but thought that he was a decent bloke. So to the ones who really knew him I send out my heart felt commiserations.


Wayne’s Funeral 21.8.99:
I am happy to say that Wayne had a cremation befitting him. Lots and lots of people were there including the Pattaya Mail TV channel. We played the Hash Hymn when the smoke started to rise towards the blue sky.


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