Minutes – December 2012

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Mismanagement Meeting of Wednesday, December 5th 2012

Ball Ringer, Bottomless Pit, Crazy Pussy, Honey Bear, Horse, Liberace, Mental Disorder, Menstrual Disorder, Odd-Job, Scar w/ 2T's, Sir MC, Sperm Polluter, VV, Wank-King's Wanker

Recorded by:  Scar w/ 2T's


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  • Money: Bank accounts healthy.
  • Hasher over 70 years are now allowed to sit in the circle, along with the Sirs.
  • Next run, the Mad Hatter run, pig roast and potato salad, 50baht and eat all you can.
  • Bottomless Pit got the go ahead to paint and fix the beer truck, there will also be new lights for the circle on the truck.
  • Monday 17th Dec, Wankings Wanker and Mental Disorder will drive the beer truck as B.Pit is out of town.
  • New Year’s Eve is on a Monday, the run will take place as normal but not too far out and not a long run as we will try to get back in town early.

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