Minutes – December 2013

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Mismanagement Meeting of Tuesday, December 3rd 2013

Ball Ringer, Biggus Dickus, Emperor Airhead, Karamba, Liberace, Marathon Man, Mental Disorder, Robbing Bastard, Scar w/ 2T's, Sir Bottomless Pit, Sir Free Willy, Try-A-Fuck, Wank-King's Wanker

Recorded by:  Scar w/ 2T's


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  • Bus – Pick up point will be changed from Second Road to Third Road, at the Buffalo Bar and near the Boxing Roo Bar. Effectively from Monday 23rd December.
  • Bus – Emperor Airhead will talk again with the monks about getting us a new driver. He has already been there and they seems to understand the problem, but he will go again and keep working with them on behalf for all the Pattaya Hashes.
  • Accounts – Finances are good, looks like we will end up as budget for the whole year.
  • Virgins – We will make some kind of award for bringing a number of virgins to the Hash, more details will be announced as we work them out.
  • Hare Awards – For 5 hared runs you get a cap/hat, 10 run the same, 20, 30 and on on, you will have a choice of different awards, t-shirts etc.
  • Christmas Run – Sir Bottomless Pitt is hare for the Christmas Run, he will make Gluhwein (mulled wine) and some special, we will have presents for the kids.
  • 30 Years Anniversary – We all voted for the 30th committee to be allowed to budget in a loss of maximum 90 000B.
  • 30 Years Anniversary – Emperor Airhead will pay a deposit to the Green Valley resort for us using the resort on the 6th January as A site for the event.
  • On-on Bars – We have 2 new on on bars, as 2 others are out. See the hash sheet and website for details.

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