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PH3 Mis-Management Meeting
Minutes of Meeting - Thursday, February 8th 2018

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Attendence:  CIA, Liberace, Menstrual Disorder, Mental Disorder, No More Cum, Scar W/2T'S and Wank-King's Wanker

Recorded by:  Mental Disorder

Minutes of Meeting

  • Apologies:   Ball Ringer, General Kidney Wiper, Sir Free Willy, The Wizard and VV.
  • Previous Minutes:   Minutes from last meeting read and accepted.
  • Bookie Report:   Liberace reports all good with the finances, and the beer consumption is down from last month.
  • Webmaster Report:   Wank-King's Wanker reports all good with the upgrade of the website. A big release scheduled this month. When stable he will shift effort to migrating the database to make all stats available after each run rather than monthly as now.
  • Brew Master Report:   VV reports all good, and Mental Disorder will drive the beer truck on 5th of March while VV is in Belgium.
  • Hare Raiser Report:   Sir Free Willy reports all good with the hare line.
  • Rags Report:   Again Free Willy reports all good with the Rags.
  • On-on Bars Report:   Liberace reports all good with the On On Bars and very popular with all the hashers.
  • Special Runs:
    • St. Paddy’s day Run all ready for March and no sponsorship required by the Hares.
    • Scotch on the Rocks had been approved for May.
    • Reports back from the Beach Social are a great success.
  • Other Business:
    • The hare line is open for the entire year for overseas hashers not living in Thailand but are coming here for a holiday and wish to hare a run.
    • The hareline for resident hashers will be opened for three month on the first Monday run of the month. For example, the April hareline was opened on the February 5th run.
    • Hashers should decide their run dates to advise their interest on that day. If more requests than dates available preference will be given to hares who did not set a run in the previous month.
  • New Business:
    • No New Business

Meeting closed and looking forward for another great month of hashing.

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