Minutes – January 2014

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Mismanagement Meeting of Wednesday, January 8th 2014

Pig Pushing Swine Stabber, V.V, Ball Ringer, Sir Free Willy, Pussy Whipped, Sexy Bum, Necrophilia Night Rider, Liberace, Robbing Bastard, Mental Disorder, Scar w/ 2T's

Recorded by:  Scar w/ 2T's


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  • 30 year anniversary – 30 years anniversary run is over, here are some comments at the meeting: 151 runners, great food, T-shirt was missing the run date and hares name, but great design, good to see many old and new faces at the run, little to long wait from sign up to first circle/run start, good location, pool and shower was nice, group photo produced the same day was nice, the run trail was very good planned, walker and runners come in at same time, can it be made possible for hashers to buy a larger version of the group photo? Circle was a bit long, but as it was the 30th it was understandable, aim to not have to long circle on future runs.
  • Bus – New pick up point for the bus at 3rd road works good.
  • Accounts – Finance are still good, we reach our budget with a surplus of 18k. The spending’s for 30th will show on 2014 budget.
  • Sign-up – We will produce a sign-up sheet on the bus for visitors and virgins, in order to speed up the sign up process.
  • Bus – The bus seems to be working ok for now.
  • Food – Sex Bum will make more of the delicious sandwiches for sale on next Monday.
  • New staff – We most possible need a new brew master and rags seller soon, all suggestions are welcome.
  • Runs – AGM run is 27th January, Hares GM and Joint Master, we will present the new mismanagement and planned sponsored and named runs for 2014.
  • Run – Veterans run is a good way to give back something for loyal hashers.

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