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PH3 Mis-Management Meeting
Minutes of Meeting - Wednesday, January 4th 2017

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Attendence:  Baht Bus Gestapo, Ball Ringer, Bob-A-Gob, Emperor Airhead, Liberace, Mental Disorder, No More Cum, Pole Fucker, Tampax, VV, Wank-King’s Wanker

Recorded by:  No More Cum

Minutes of Meeting

  • Apologies:   Menstrual Disorder, Scar w/2T's.
  • Previous Minutes:   Previous meeting minutes read and approved
  • Bookie Report:   Liberace informed the meeting that we had an average of 102 runners for the month of December and an average of 75 for 2016 as a whole. This compares to an average of 69 runners for 2015. Our biggest outlay is still on baht buses, but there seems to be no easy solution for this There appears to be an issue regarding insurance and Mental Disorder agreed to approach Jack Levy on the subject. Mental Disorder also agreed to go together with Baht Bus Gestapo to approach the owners of the bus we previously used. Other expenses for the year also saw an increase to the benefit of hashers in the form of prizes and towels, for example. Despite this, our finances remain comfortable. Beer truck expenses remained similar to the previous year.
  • Webmaster Report:   no report
  • Brew Master Report:   VV reported that small repairs have been made to the truck and that the 2 banners along the sides could do with replacement. The new banners will be based on the PH3 business cards. 
  • Hare Raiser Report:   The hare line is full until June 2017.
  • Rags Report:   Mental Disorder had done some research regarding the “running –type” shirts. The matter was put on hold until the next meeting, when samples of available materials would be provided, together with traditional PH3 designs from previous shirts. ; Stocks of rags will be replenished on a weekly basis now that the high season is drawing to a close.
  • On-on Bars Report:   Liberace was able to confirm that the M Club would once again become an on on bar and would replace Jameson's on the rota.
  • Special Runs:
    • The only special run in January is the AGM run for which nothing special is planned.
    • The Beach Social will once again take place in February and will be organized by Mental Disorder and Scar with 2 Ts. It is proposed to use an area of Jomtien beach on a Wednesday when there are no stall-holders this year. This will be confirmed in more detail at the next meeting.
  • Other Business:
    • The calendar of events for 2017 was approved and voted in. Tampax agreed to help Wanking’s Wanker by providing links to events  globally, so that PH3 hashers can easily access this information.
    • There has been some confusion over the issue of chairs for hashers, who have reached 500 runs. It appears that previous achievers have all been offered chairs from the PH3, though not all have accepted. Aware that Tadpole has reached this milestone and desires a chair, the Mismanagement voted to buy a chair for Tadpole. The practice of offering chairs to 500 run achievers will continue in future.
    • The GM confirmed his intention to stand down at the next AGM Run after 2 years in position. The meeting voted in Mental Disorder as his successor. No More Cum accepted Mental Disorder’s offer to stay on in the Mismanagement as an RA. Baht Bus Gestapo will be coached in the art of editing photos by Liberace and will take on this task for the next year.
    • It was confirmed that any future issues considered important enough would be raised first at one meeting and then voted on at the next meeting. Proxy voting by email will also be allowed. All listed members of the Mismanagement team will be allowed to vote.
    • The meeting closed with No More Cum thanking everybody for their support over the last 2 years and wishing Mental Disorder the very best for his tenure.
  • New Business:
    • No New Business

Meeting closed and looking forward for another great month of hashing.

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