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PH3 Mis-Management Meeting
Minutes of Meeting - Wednesday, January 8th 2020

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Attendence:  The Wizard, Liberace, Wank-King's Wanker, VV, No More Cum, Scar, Sour Kraut BC, French Kiss, Flatulence, Unstable Load, Arse Von Hole, Smokey Trucky Fucky, Dirt Looney, Pole Fucker, CIA, Ball Ringer, Tommy Two Lips, Sperm Polluter

Recorded by:  The Wizard

Minutes of Meeting

  • Apologies:   nil
  • Previous Minutes:   Read and approved. No matters arising.
  • Bookie Report:   Liberace reported a small loss for the month but further informed us that we made a profit of approximately 30,000 b over the year. Income from Rags and Raffle exceeded last year and the average number of sign ups was 3 more than last year. We hope to have the full report for the year 2019 at the next meeting.
  • Webmaster Report:   No progress on the website development or the database due to pressure of end of year work.
  • Brew Master Report:   VV told us that the banners that are displayed on the side of the truck need replacing, he will see to this. There was a brief discussion on the role of the beer police.
  • Hare Raiser Report:   Sperm Polluter advised that there was only one open spot on the hareline, 2nd March, everything else is on good order. Liberace asked the Hare Raiser to remind hares of the need for proper signs and also to make sure that A sites are accessible by family cars. This will be mentioned in the circle.
  • Rags Report:   SKBC reported that stock was running low.; VV suggested that shirts for special runs should be available by pre order but sold on at a small profit to benefit Rags. This was accepted and will be tested at the next opportunity.; A discussion ensued about operating changes to our primary shirt supplier. The Wizard said he would visit the shop and report back.
  • On-on Bars Report:   Attendance are good and there were no problems to report.
  • Special Runs:
    • AGPU 26th Jan - GM required for the day as TW will be a hare, NMC and Scar both volunteered. Extra down downs are usually required for this run.' Valentine’s Day Run - SP will organise the traditional giving of Roses to all Ladies. SP is also a hare that day and will be sponsoring food (it’s his birthday and Anniversary)
    • Joint GMs run, 9th March - No special requirements other than a GM for the day. Scar will ensure the invitation to attend is delivered to Prof Pinky (PDRHHH).
  • Other Business:
    • The Wizard - Beer Police: It was acknowledged that the beer police were handling a sensitive situation very well, feedback was that hashers understood the role of the beer police and were cooperating with them. It was agreed by vote that with immediate effect that ‘one for the road’ could be taken without it being opened. Any abuse of this situation will see a reversal in this policy.
    • The Wizard - Beach Social. Consideration for a date for this event to be given over the coming weeks, a decision to be made at the next meeting.
    • The Wizard - Khao Mai Kaeo clean up, 18 Jan. Karamba has very kindly offered to cover 50% of the cost of this event up to the tune of 3,000b. Water, soft drinks, fruit and crisps will be provided at the end of the event for participants. Transport and all appropriate equipment will also be provided. A banner will be produced to advertise what we are doing. TW will take names of those who wish to participate and will announce full details in the next 48 hrs.
    • The Wizard - The MM Committee 2020. Flatulence was invited to join the committee as he now undertakes sign ups and on site records. He accepted and was unanimously voted in. TW had sent a proposal regarding the 2020 committee to current committee members prior to the meeting. There was a lengthy discussion centred around vital roles within the club that did not come with a position on the committee. Many of these roles are undertaken by present committee members. Agreement was made and the new committee unanimously voted in for 2020 (Please see appropriate webpage for full details).
    • SKBC said that he will puts rags away at 6pm on Run days, members to be made aware in the circle.
    • Ball ringer requested that 12 October on the hare line be reserved for a Harriettes Bash as several of the female members have birthdays at this time. Agreed.
    • Dirt Looney enquired as to whether he could be of more help to the webmaster. This led to a discussion about access to the website and database should WKW be incapacitated at some time. WKW will ensure that a hard handover would be possible if ever required. WKW will liaise with DL to extend the work he can do to assist. Pole Fucker also volunteered his services if required.
    • Little Tommy 2 Lips stated that he thought the current rags were limited and boring. Noted.
    • VV requested to rent the beer truck for upcoming Swamp and Monkey Runs, agreed under the normal conditions.
    • UL asked whether there was anywhere on the website to view how many times a member had hared
    • this information is not currently accessible but WKW can provide the information when required.
    • DL reported that through the collection of coins at our hashes over the last 6 months, a sum of 9,352 baht was handed over to Nicky’s towards their Take Care Kids charity. DL was thanked for his continuing efforts in this matter.
    • TW thanked everyone for their attendance and contributions.
  • New Business:
    • No New Business

Meeting closed and looking forward for another great month of hashing.

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