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PH3 Mis-Management Meeting
Minutes of Meeting - Wednesday, July 8th 2015

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Attendence:  Baht Bus Gestapo; Ball Ringer; Liberace; Sir Free Willy; Wank-King’s Wanker

Recorded by:  Wank-King's Wanker

Minutes of Meeting

  • Apologies:   none
  • Previous Minutes:   Read and approved.
  • Bookie Report:   The economy is healthy and we are still up 25,600 Baht on the year. This is in spite of being down 9000 Baht down in June due low run numbers and high extraordinary expenses - truck 14,000 Baht major servicing, 2500 Baht for computer upgrade to develop new database, 3500 Baht in new rags stock and 1600 Baht for Filipina Run. While we averaged 52 runners in June, the annual average is 70 runners per run (excludes children).
  • Webmaster Report:   The computer used for website maintenance and database development is under-powered for new software needed. minor upgrade has been completed. We are trying to automate the website and have month by month doing various small preparatory work to get the system ready, While the website has been late this month it is due to this effort which takes away time from web site updating. We should begin to see faster web updates in future as the system is ready for major automation. 
  • Brew Master Report:   VV has taken his annual leave, Mental Disorder has started doing the job of Brew Master starting last week and will continue for the next two weeks. VV has given him the 20,000 Baht beer purchase float. This is used to purchase the week's beer which is then reimbursed on run day when invoices are presented. All is going well - thanks Mental Disorder for standing up and volunteering.
  • Hare Raiser Report:   The hareline is full excepting nine dates until the AGM in January.
  • Rags Report:   Supervirgin has been in contact on delivery of 30 Year style T-Shirts. He must produce in high volume but we can only handle cost for low volume. He is willing to carry inventory cost and we will take small lts and pay on receipt. Liberace and SFW will work together with Supervirgin to set lot sizes and delivery schedules. We purchased 20 beer openers to put in stock from Supervirgin.
  • On-on Bars Report:   Personal affairs required Rotator Later to return to the States and he has resigned his position as on-on bar coordinator. Liberace has volunteered to take up this position. He asked to drop the number of bars from seven to five. WKW will inform M Club and Smiling Rat that we will drop them. Liberace and WKW will liaise to develop new rota and exchange contact information. Voted and accepted.
  • Special Runs:
    • The Aussie Run - Run scheduled for the 27th July. The Aussie informed us that the format would be the same as previous years with hares running free, all raffle prizes donated by the Aussies with all proceeds going to the PH3, charity auction with all proceeds for to Care for Kids. Fewer T-Shirts, 25 this year. Sales on the day handled by the hares with profit to the PH3. Excess shirts to be purchased at cost by PH3. Considering problem last year SFW volunteered and it was agreed that he would handle all matters this year over Aussie T-Shirts.
    • Sir Spags Birthday Run - Sir Spag this month will reach both 800 Runs and 70 Hares. We agreed that he will receive both awards. But considering his contributions over the years and the impressive run/hare total something should be done on his birthday run. Emperor Airhead volunteered he would produce and present a special 'Airhead Award'. 
  • Other Business:
    • Beer Consumption - the 'one open in hand, one closed in hand for the bus' rule has been accepted by the membership on an honor system basis. It is now as accepted as the 'first beer after front runners'. No draconian or overbearing chasing of 'offenders' was found to be necessary. Our members get it.
    • Hash Flash - New Flash Baht Bus Gestapo attended the meeting and gave his apologies for not attending last two weeks. This was due to a chronic health problem but was now feeling better and will be attending again.
  • New Business:
    • No New Business

Meeting closed and looking forward for another great month of hashing.

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