Minutes – May 2013

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Mismanagement Meeting of Wednesday, May 1st 2013

Ball Ringer, Crazy Pussy, Emperor Airhead, Horse, Liberace, Mental Disorder, Menstrual Disorder, Pussy Whipped, Scar w/ 2T's, Sexy Bum, Sir Bottomless Pit, Sir MC, Sir Spaghetti Head, Wank-King's Wanker

Recorded by:  Scar w/ 2T's


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  • Next GM from 13th May is Wank-King’s Wanker, as the current GM Scar leaves for Norway.
  • Betty Boop Run, just to clarify, does who sign up in drag (dressed as the opposite sex) and stay in drag till prizes are handed out in the second circle, run for free.
  • There are a few people that do a lot of haring jobs, lets all take responsibility and do at least one run a year.
  • Finances are healthy, but beer consumption per head is slightly up last month, we will try not to drag the circle out to long, keep it short, fast and fun.
  • The best brew master in the world gave us an update about the condition on the beer truck, which he keep in good condition, but a paint job is due soon.
  • We call on everyone to bring virgins, to keep the PH3 healthy.

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