Minutes – May 2014

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Mismanagement Meeting of Monday, May 5th 2014

Ball Ringer, Emperor Airhead, Liberace, Mental Disorder, Sir Bottomless Pit, Wank-King's Wanker

Recorded by:  Wank-King's Wanker


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  • Accounts: Economy is healthy but we need to be tight this year with the money due to extraordinary expenses incurred for the 30-Year Anniversary.
  • Norwegian Run is scheduled for the 19th of May. The format will be the same as last year with a Cold Table of Smoked Salmon with bread and butter. There will be a free T-Shirt sponsored by the hares. The PH3 sponsorship was to have all eight hares run for free.
  • Betty Boop Run is scheduled for 2nd of June. All hashers and harriettes showing up for sign-up in drag will run for free. Prizes given for the best male and best female costrumes. 
  • Wank-King’s Wanker resumed as Web Master after Sexy Bum returned to Sweden. He will retain the role even after Karin’s return.
  • To reduce costs and to streamline business the Hash Meetings are now closed to those not specifically in Mis-management and to those not invited by GM to support a specific topic.
  • Day after Nash Hash was deemed a great success with Rags Sales in excess of 6000 Baht Raffle profit of 4000 Baht.
  • The idea of awarding pins to a hasher for each virgin he brings to the run was discussed. Some ideas was floated about a reward system being set up to give a prize or free runs to anyone who brought say 5 virgins or 10 virgins, for example. Airhead and Sir BP will look around for an appropiate pin (say with the PH3 logo) and get pricing. No other action until next week. 
  • We defined the limits for location of On-on Bars as being defined by Beach Road to the West, 3rd Road to the East, and North and South being set at Pattaya Klang and Pattaya Tai. An exception was made for Jameson’s Irish Pub which is just outside these limits because of the long history with PH3 and the excellent food and service.
  • We will try to restart Low Season On-on Bars with: Nicky’s Bar, Miss Langsom, M Club, and of course, Tahitian Queen.
  • Hareline is healthy. Mental Disorder advised he will be giving up the Hareraiser job on Aug 25 and does not expect to return until June of 2015. We will be exploring names for a replacement.
  • A circle announcement will be made of the result of the Hasher Survey.  

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