Minutes – September 2015

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Mismanagement Meeting of Wednesday, September 9th 2015

Baht Bus Gestapo, Ball Ringer, Lady Snake, Liberace, Sir Free Willy, Sperm Polluter, Wank-King's Wanker

Recorded by:  Wank-King's Wanker


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  • Bookies Report – Economy is healthy. We had a good month; up over 10,000 Baht from last month. This puts us 25,700 Baht above our budgeted profit target. Raffle profit was 39.6% which while still very good, it is down from our historical average of 49%. Some suggestions were offered by the collected members and we may try some of them over the next month to see the results. No extraordinary expenses this month but rags inventory increased with purchase of beer condoms and 10 Aussie T-Shirts. Stock inventory is same as the accounts so no correction needed. Beer consumption remains good at 135 Baht per person which is 14 Baht below budget.  Averaged 61 hashers last month which is good for this time of year. Average year-to-date 67 hashers which is two below this time last year.
  • Rags Report – 35 Ladies style tops added to inventory. 30 Year Anniversary shirts are expected to arrive with Scar when he returns from Norway. Awards mugs are still a problem on the supplier’s side. She hopes to have the machine fixed within two weeks. But . . . ! She left the mugs in her car boot when it was sent away for a respray! No prediction when it will return! WTF! 25 Ball Caps have been orderd. Rags is satisfied with the current type and volume of stock. Current sales value of inventory is 69,000 Baht.
  • Hareraiser Report – The hareline is full excepting eight dates until the AGM in January. A small problem occurred when Beverley Hills Pink Cock had to drop out for Sep 28, only two weeks beforehand. Baht Bus Gestapo and Lady Snake gratiously volunteered to do the haring. However, since they are both virgin hares, they will need help from a more experienced hare. SFW will try and scare one up; if he runs into problems we will make a circle request for a volunteer.  
  • Brewmaster Report – VV was expected to arrive back for the 21st September but latest correspondence shows that date may slip a bit. In any event we have hired ‘Beer Marly’ to drive the beer truck for 1000 Baht per week – she has done this already for the PJH3 for a couple of years. She is not able to handle the heavy lifting so will need someone to help – Del Boy will handle for the short term. SFW has taken the 20,000 Baht “beer float’ and will purchase beer and softs. Weekly bills will be paid by Bookie weekly upon receipt of invoices. It was mentioned that the truck insurance comes due about this time every year. WKW will contact VV to check the dates and how this is to be handled.
  • Webmaster Report – We have been working over the last year to prepare the site for automation. This atomation will be accomplished by creating a new database on the website. Note: This is completely separate and different from the main PH3 database which will be updated next year. Preparing and implementing this little database will provide a test case for integration of the main database into the website later on. 95% of the 450 odd pages have already been revised so they will be ready to integrate the new little database. The database will require a couple of months to write and test. The integration will then be pretty routine and be accomplished within a week of finished testing.
  • On-on Bars – We now operate with four bars – TQ’s, Jameson’s, Nicky’s and Boomerang Guest House. Liberace has been handling this for the last month and both he and the bar owners are happy with the system he has implemented. The Hash Calendar has been revised to reflect the changed bar rota. Robbing Bastard will be returning from UK in the next week or so. Since he was the person who put our On-on Bars back into shape, WKW will ask him about his views on the new arrangements. Liberace is happy to continue in this role on a permanent basis. When I last spoke to RB he was happy with giving up this position.
  • Veterans’ Run – Everyone agreed that this was a great day out with an excellently set run out of a new A-Site. The circle was also outstanding with a good time had by all. 38 hashers qualified this year, consistent with 39 last year. Of these 27 showed up on the day with a total field of 68.
  • Oktoberfest Run – We continue with the expectation that VV will return in time to hare this run. No changes are needed before next month’s meeting.
  • Hash Flash – Baht Bus Gestapo has purchased a drone to take aerial pictures of the run. We will be doing the first test flight next Monday. All looking forward to the results.


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