Mis-Management – 2014

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The PH3 Mis-Management holds a meeting once a month.

Location: Jamesons’ Irish Pub

Date & Time: Wednesday after First Monday of each Month at 4pm

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Grand Master   Petter “SCAR WITH TWO T’S” Nygard Tel: 086-051-1485
Joint Master   Bertie “WANK-KING’S WANKER” Helgeson Tel: 097-137 0313
Religious Advisors   Tom “EMPEROR AIRHEAD” Dragoo  
    John “LORD CHICKEN FUCKER” McAllen Tel: 086-145-8947
Hash Bookie   Bjorn “LIBERACE” Holbaek-Hanssen  
Hash Cash   Bjorn “LIBERACE” Holbaek-Hanssen  
Sign-Ups   Alan “BALL RINGER” Carpenter  
Brew Master   Mike “Sir BOTTOMLESS PIT” Kruger  
Brew Master Assistant   Waree “SWEETIE” Urat  
Database Manager   Bertie “WANK-KINGS’S WANKER” Helgeson  
Web Master   Bertie “WANK-KINGS’S WANKER” Helgeson webmaster@pattayah3.com
Hash Sheet Editor   Bertie “WANK-KING’S WANKER” Helgeson  
Hare Raiser   Ray “SIR FREE WILLY” Crooke Tel: 09 90 124 393
    Phil “MENTAL DISORDER” Duffy  
Hash Rags   Mike “BOTTOMLESS PIT” Kruger  
Hash Chef   Eric “VIETNAMESE VIOLATOR” Dropsy  
Raffle Master   Mike “BOTTOMLESS PIT” Kruger  
Hash Transport   Janya “SQUEEZE MY TUBE” Jirasak  
    Joe “GI JOE” Ruzicka  
Hash Flash   Gordon “GANGREEN” Green  
    Rizelin “HONEY BEAR” Calipay  
Master of Music   John “LORD CHICKEN FUCKER” McAllen  
    Bob “STEPTOE” Day  
Chief Inspector   Ray “SIR FREE WILLY” Crooke  
    Phil “MENTAL DISORDER” Duffy  
On On Bar Coordinator   Rod “ROBBING BASTARD” Osborne  
On Site Records   Bertie “WANK-KING’S WANKER” Helgeson  
    Jim “SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD” Emmert  
Hash Mug/T-shirt Awards   Mike “BOTTOMLESS PIT” Kruger