Pattaya H3

PH3 Non-Official Hash - Trail #4

Available from Monday 8th until Thursday 11th June 2020

Once again, beginning at the Khao Mai Keao car park. 

Make your own way there.

GPS: 12º57'30.81"N 101º02'21.38"E

There are NO checks, NO back-checks and NO False Trails,  just 3 marked trails to choose from:

  1. Runners Trail - Dist about 10 Km with 2 hills (see elevation profile below trail map).
  2. Tough Walkers Trail - Dist about 5.5 Km (one hill at start of trail).
  3. Wimpy Walkers shortcut - Dist about 4 Km (no major hills of note).

All trails start and end at KMK car park.

  • Wimpy Walkers shortcut avoids 1st hill.  Stay RIGHT on the trail. Paper starts again in about 600m.
  • Runners & Tough Walkers go LEFT up the hill.
  • Walkers Split to the LEFT at 2.7 Km into trail. Follow ORANGE paper
  • Runners Split to the RIGHT and follow WHITE paper.
  • Runners / Walkers will merges again about 1 Km from end of trail ( near bottom of "F**k Me Mountain").

Note that the mobile phone reception is intermittent to non-existent to the North of the 1st hill (in other words, a lot of the run). Please "do it" with a buddy, it's much more fun.

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