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PanAsia Planning Minutes

PH3 Preparation for Pan-Asia Hash 2013 – Minutes (Approved - Final)

    • Time and Place: A meeting was held at ‘Titty Twister’ on Wednesday, May 29th. This meeting was held to reduce the work load during the monthly mismanagement meeting; and to have a relatively complete program to present to the entire mismanagement for a vote.
    • Purpose: Get issues on the table concerning PH3 activities related to our run on July 8 following the Pan-Asia Hash on July 5-7. We constructed a plan to sort out possible logistics problems, and defined responsible parties to cover various tasks.
    • Overview: PH3 HAVE NO OFFICIAL INVOLVEMENT with Pan-Asia Hash. We realize that that with the expected large number of hashers in town (is it 2-3000? No-one seems to know), that we can expect additional hashers, likely more than 100 additional, and perhaps many more. We have developed a flexible plan to accommodate this extra load. This is a good opportunity to get some extra funds into the Bank.
    • The panel decided the following (with the understanding that the Activity Leaders may need to adjust these somewhat as we get into the task):
    • Sign-up Issues: Visiting runners will not be entered into the database and therefore will not receive run credit. Our normal members will get be signed up at a separate table at the A-site. (Normal members are those whose Mother Hash is PH3 or a regular runner in the last year). Ball Ringer and Liberace have volunteered to set up a table at the Pan-Asia HQ on the Friday before (anyone know where?) to take early signups for VISITORS who will pay upfront for the run. A wrist band will be given to all prepaid VISITORS. This will help us to firm up likely attendance. Since it is possible that there will additional VISITORS on the day of the run, a separate table will also be setup at the A-site. We may need extra bodies to man the extra table on the day. Activity leader: Liberace (Ball Ringer to assist).
    • Added at June 5th Mismanagement Meeting: Sir Bottomless Pit has found wrist bands available in lots of 500 pieces at 15 Baht each. He has been cleared to purchase.
    • Hares: The hares suggested an A-site away from the expected Pan-Asia runs and yet close to the On-on Bar. The location of the site will not be made public until shortly before the run. The hares do not anticipate that they will need any additional support except that we should put on two more beer (plain clothes) police to handle the down-downs. Hares: Tampax and V.V.
    • Transportation: Since we cannot handle large numbers at the normal pickup point, we will move the pickup point to Third Road near Buffalo Bar. We will use our normal bus and baht buses. The Bus will first take our normal hashers, and as many other prepaids as it can hold. VISITORS will be taken by baht bus to the A-site. If required, the bus can also return to take more VISITORS. We will announce on the website and in the circle about the change in pickup point. WE WILL USE THIS PICKUP POINT FOR THIS RUN ONLY. We will leave earlier for this run, exact time to be determined soon. (Note: My notes are not clear whether we will put a signup table for visitors at the Pickup Point. Comments?) Activity Leader: Hellboy (Mental Disorder to assist)
    • Beer and Ice: : Sir Bottomless Pit advises that he will load the beer truck for a heavy run. No bottled beer, only cans. Sir BP will organize the beer. An additional pickup truck will be arranged by Horse, who has already organized extra Heskies for extra beer. Hellboy offered to arrange ten blocks of ice and its delivery in coordination with Sir BP. Activity Leader: Sir Bottomless Pit (Hellboy and Horse to assist)
    • Rags: Sir Bottomless Pit advises that sufficient Rags stock will be available, so no extra expense. Rags will proceed as per a normal run. Activity Leader: Sir Bottomless Pit
    • Raffle: We will run the Raffle as per normal but some extra prizes will be provided. The Filipina girls will be called into duty in support. We are lucky to have them. Activity Leader: Sir Bottomless Pit
    • Advertisement: We will begin soon to publish on the website about the earlier pickup time and different pickup point (Handled exclusively by Tampax, Web Master). The Harrier Magazine has advised that they will post a notice about the Monday giving details of the point and time on their On-Line Magazine.
    • Food: Limited snacks will be provided after the run. VV café will not run that day. Hellboy has graciously volunteered to act as On-On Bar AND to offer free food to all hashers after the run at Titty Twister. Activity Leader: Hellboy
    • Pricing: Initial price guidance is 400 baht for all VISITORS; normal PH3 hashers will pay normal fees. As we get closer we may adjust price upwards to cover additional expenses we have not anticipated.
    • Accepted as above by Mismanagement Committee on June 5th 2013.

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