Pattaya H3

PH3 35th Anniversary Announcement

4th to 7th JANUARY 2019



Men 500 baht   Women 250 baht  Kids 50 baht

  • Cash payments only, which can be made to either The Wizard or Dirt Looney at any of the 4 regular Pattaya Hashes, PH3/PJH3/Monkey/Dirt Road. You will be required to supply shirt size and preference as to sleeved/sleeveless shirt.
  • Pre -registration will be available until Nov 26th after which sign ups on the day will be accepted. Pre registration is for the Full Moon Run and Monday run only.
  • On the day sign up fees will be 100b for the Full Moon Run and the standard PH3 fee for Monday's run (400/150/50)
  • Pre -registration is the only way to GUARANTEE receiving your Full Moon Run patch and Monday's run shirt and the ONLY way to receive a goody bag which will be given out on Monday at the A site. Everything else advertised will be available to everyone that attends the relevant event.
  • We aim to be able to provide a shirt for everyone that attends on Monday but we can make no guarantee to do so, especially with reference to size and preferred style. Shirt sizes will be Small - XXXL, western sizes.
  • There will be no kids sized shirts available for on the day sign ups. If you want your child to receive a shirt they must be pre registered; goody bags for kids will be appropriate for children and different to those for adults.
  • If you pre register but do not attend either or both events we will still provide you with patch / shirt / goody bag as appropriate.

  • Saturday's bar hop will be 'Pay as you Go' and will take place over the afternoon and early evening in Central Pattaya. Details to be announced at a later date.
  • Provision of free food at the final destination on the Saturday bar hop will be dependent on at least 12 hashers being present at the determined time.

  • If you would like to run with Pattaya Jungle H3 you will be welcome to do so but will have to sign up on the day under their normal conditions; it would be of benefit to PJH3 to have some idea of numbers so please let us know (upon pre-registration) if it is your intention to attend. Please be advised that Pattaya Jungle H3 is not connected to PH3.

  • Confirmation of times and locations for all events will be confirmed in due course but the draft itinerary is:
  • Friday Full Moon Run - 18.00 hrs meet in Jomtien (venue will be easily accessible on the baht bus route from Pattaya)
  • Saturday Bar Hop - lunchtime meet
  • PJH3 - meet at Buffalo Bar (3rd Road), last bus leaves at 15.00 sharp
  • Monday PH3 run -meet at Buffalo Bar, last bus will leave at 14.00 hrs sharp. Please note this is earlier that our usual departure time!!
  • If you are not in Pattaya to pre register you can email us with the relevant info required, but you will have to make arrangements for someone to make a payment on your behalf before Nov 26th. We appreciate that this may not be entirely convenient for everyone but it's the best we can do, sorry.

  • Feel free to contact us directly by email ; or find us on Facebook/Google, Pattaya Hash House Harriers