Pattaya H3

PH3 Mis-Management Charter

PH3 Mis-Management Committe Charter

PREAMBLE - Discussions have been entered about the responsibilties and authority of the Mis-management Committee and the roles of its members. This charter comprises the consensus of members about these topics and acts to formalize them.

  1. The PH3 Mis-management Committee is the final authority in all functional, administrative and financial matters related to the PH3. The Committee decides these through voting at the Monthly Meeting.
  2. Most of the roles are essentially defined by the position names. Each member has specific duties and is granted wide authority in their execution. However, ultimately that authority is granted by the Committee and as such can be limited or redefined.
  3. One role should be defined further, that of Grand Master. The GM has full control over the conduct of all affairs on run day. He speaks for the Committee and derives his power from it. If his actions are felt to be outside his authority it will nevertheless stand on the day but will be reviewed (and adjusted if felt necessary by a majority of members) in the next Monthly Meeting. The GM also acts as chairman of the Monthly Meeting.
  4. Most matters of a purely practical nature may be voted by a simple show of hands or verbal agreement by those present at the meeting. The exceptions are those matters related to:
    • Members added to or removed from the Committee or the limiting of their authority.
    • Expenses in excess of an amount defined each year in the January Monthly Meeting.
    • Changes to voting procedures.
    • Disposition of PH3 bank accounts.
    • Changes to this charter.
  5. Voting on matters defined in the previous paragraph will be by absolute majority of the members voting. When an absolute majority vote is required it will be tabled at that Monthly Meeting where a motion will be decided to be voted at the following Monthly Meeting. Members away from Pattaya will be advised and will be able to vote by proxy delivered to the Grand Master at least one week before the vote is taken.
  6. Members voting as mentioned in the previous paragraph excludes those not present at the meeting and members away from Pattaya without proxy. There are only 3 types of vote - Yes, No, Abstain. Absolute majority is one-half the members voting  plus one. For example, if there are 8 members voting, then 8 / 2 = 4 + 1 or 5 for the motion to pass. Motions fail on tie votes. If there are 9 members voting 9 / 2 = 4.5 (rounded down to 4) + 1 or 5 for the motion to pass.
  7. Some Committee members have more than one management position. However, they will only have one vote. So if, for example, there are 12 positions but they are held by 8 members then the absolute majority will be 5.
  8. The January Monthly Meeting will determine several items for the year ahead:
    • The Committee membership roster and by extension the minimum votes necessary for important motions defined above to be passed.
    • Agree the Calendar for the year ahead with dates and sponsorship level defined. This is provisional and may be adjusted as the year progresses,
    • The trigger baht value of expenses for which an absolute majority vote is needed. Figures lower than this amount can be handled by a members present vote.

Voted and unanimously passed at the April 5th 2017 Mismanagement Committee Meeting.