Pattaya H3

PH3 Non-Official Hash - Trail 2021 'A'

Available from Monday 4th until Thursday 8th January 2021

Location - Monks Retreat on Pallet Lane. 

Make your own way there.

GPS: 13° 00' 49.6"N   101° 02' 12.7"E

There are NO checks, NO back-checks and NO False Trails,  just a one  marked trail for all runners/walkers. The trail starts and ends near the car park at the Monks Retreat.

Runners trail approx 7.5km
Walkers trail approx 4km.
Degree of difficulty, low.
Runners trail marked with white hanging paper.
Walkers short cut, clearly signposted, marked with pink paper.
The trail starts on the concrete path that runs parallel to the road. The first marking is 3 bits of paper together.
Please leave feedback and encourage others to use the trail before the paper is removed early next Friday morning.

NOSH6 - Trail Map

Elevation Profile - Min Elev = 83m, Max Elev = 163m

First 1.5 km has limited shade, so you might want to wear a hat. Fine if it's overcast but it was a tad warm in the glorious sunshine. Plenty of shade once you hit the tree cover about half way round.

Mobile phone reception is a lot better in this area. However, still please "do it" with a buddy, it's much more fun.

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