Pattaya H3

PH3 Non-Official Hash - Trail 2021 'D'

Available from Sunday 24th until Friday 29th January 2021

Location - near Wat Tham Prathun off 3240. 
(Same as NOSH21B - 2 weeks ago)

Make your own way there. Click Here for directions to Start End NOSH21D

GPS: 12°57'33.9"N 101°01'17.2"E

There are NO checks, NO back-checks and NO False Trails,  just one  marked trail for all runners/walkers. The trail starts and ends at the trail beside road to Wat Tham Prathun.

The trail was laid on Saturday 23rd January and is available for everyone to use throughout the week.

Runners trail approx 9 km (white hanging paper)
Walkers trail approx 5 km (orange hanging paper)
Degree of difficulty: low (gently undulating, no hills)
On-Out and On-In are the same trail (approx 500m). The clockwise loop begins and finishes at the tree stump with the map.
The trail follows well worn tracks with turns at path junctions.
The walkers shortcut removes about 4km in the middle of the trail.
The only "off existing trails" section is about 250m through the woods about 1Km from the end (both runners and walkers). It is well marked and easy to navigate through.
The vast majority of the trail is in shade. No real hills.

NOSH21D - Trail Map

Elevation Profile - Min Elev = 150m, Max Elev = 209m

Mobile phone reception is intermittent in this area. So, "do it" with a buddy, it's much more fun.

Please leave Facebook feedback and encourage others to use the trail before the paper is removed on Friday 29th.

On On
Sir Arse-A-Holic, Bum Boy,  Peler, Jungle Mother & Ping Pong

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