Pattaya H3

PH3 Receding Hareline

The Receding Hareline dates can only be booked for the current month plus the following two months. The GM will formally open the hareline for two months hence at the first run of every month.

The first exception is for those wishing to host Sponsored or National Day runs. The second exception is for non- or part-time resident hashers who can nominate themselves at any time during the year for a run date. PH3 Sponsored Runs require clearance one month in advance from Mis-Management.

In case of conflicting dates, preference is given to those who have not hared recently and to non-resident hashers whose choice of dates is limited.

Contact Details

To schedule dates or other hareline related issues please contact:
Hare Raiser - Sir Free Willy at; Tel: 086 078 5681

To submit maps and directions, changes to co-hares or a-site, or special announcements about the run please contact:
Webmaster - Wank-King\'s Wanker at; Tel: 097 137 0313

July 2019
July 29 - PH3 Run 1847She's the Boss and Happy Survivor
I-RoversSiam CC Road - Soi 34 2 km S - FC Planet Stadium
August 2019
August 5 - PH3 Run 1848Golden Rivet, Lost Cause, Duchess Tadpole, Hoi Wan, Telly Tubby
Nicky's BarHighway 331 - S of Huay Yai Road - near BMX Stadium
August 12 - PH3 Run 1849Sour Kraut Bone Collector, Parisian Titi, French Kiss and Chip Chip
Buffalo BarHighway 3240 - 2.6 km NW on Santi Kham Road
August 19 - PH3 Run 1850
Antique's 75th Birthday Run
Antique, Barnacle Bollox, Lord Chicken Fucker
Buffalo BarPhoenix CC Road - 6.9 km E of Sukhumvit - slip road at new flyover
August 26 - PH3 Run 1851
VV Sausage BBQ Run
VV and crew
I-RoversPallet Lane - 1.7 km East of Highway 7
September 2019
September 2 - PH3 Run 1852
The Veterans Run
The Wizard, Sauce for the Goose and Jack Wow
Nicky's BarHighway 331 - Asian University
September 9 - PH3 Run 1853hares needed
Tahitian Queenmap needed
September 16 - PH3 Run 1854Unstable Load and family
Buffalo Barmap needed
September 23 - PH3 Run 1855hares needed
I-Roversmap needed
September 30 - PH3 Run 1856
The Two and a Half Fat Bastards Birthday Bonanza
Cannonball, Turd Burglar and Sir Free Willy
Nicky's Barmap needed