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OK. Someone forgot to ask for a scribe but it was a strange night altogether.... Starting with the bus not arriving so two mini buses and a baht bus where organized by G.I Joe's little lady Squeeze My Tube. A little bit late and the a site which was near Bang Chang did not help with the timing. On arrival the hares General Kidney Wiper and Sir Really Sadistic Bastard, who were all painted up, were in a bit of a panic as the sun began to drop from the sky and the whole Thai army arrived telling us to move.

So off we went 600 meters along the lake's edge to a great 2nd a site moving cars and beer truck along with us. As the runners started to arrive the whisky started to flow. I was already drunk by this time as the circle started. 95 runners including all the returning Russians under control of Estonian Fucker and many others, I was iced by Hellboy Fat for no reason the rest I cannot remember as I took no notes and was getting drunker by the second. The next thing I remember is the Thai army turned up on the second a site and ordered us to move again, luckily it was about that time of the night to get off to Jameson's for more beer. On On SIR MC And on it reads: Just read the hash report about Run 1502, from Sir MC and must admit I am bitterly disappointed. Three hundred and fifty words, which works out that he gets paid one baht a word for dribble.

Why am I concerned? Because I was one of the Hares, I am writing this in the hope that Clit Face will print it, Really Sadistic Bastard and I planned this run about three months ago. We last visited the A site two months ago and all was good.

My roots are with the Pattaya Hash and this has always been a family hash. This means your kid can do the run. So I have always tried to influence my co-hares, this has to be easy enough for your wife or kid to enjoy. The Pattaya hash is a family hash. This means your kids can do the runs. Did I just reiterate what some people do not understand. RSB and I visited the A site of our run a couple of weeks ago. Major fuck up!! It was all ploughed and filled full of tapioca (cassava). --> We changed the A Site.

Laying the Run

Really Sadistic Bastard had a Jungle Run on the Sunday, so we decided let us lay the run on the Monday morning. Big Mistake. I probably felt worse than Jimmy, and to be honest, I have not done it this way in years. Proliferation of Runs Three Runs in one weekend is dumb shit. But that is hash, We thought we would not have too many. I made up these Scottish prizes raffle tickets. Not enough, but there you go.

The Army Intervention

This really caught us out. We had hung a bunch of Scottish balloons on the A site that morning. We just missed the military. Then when they arrived it was Fuck You Fellangs. Misses Spag was real helpful in trying to find a compromise between the hash and the army.

The Run

The run was called all the praises you would want. Whisky was given out to “some” fast runners. The circle was more fast and furious, as we had to get out there because of the army. p.s. I went back next morning to pick up the Hash Signs. All gone and the army blocked me off to the A site. Pps. My wife still thinks it is all my fault.

On-On!  Sir MC

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