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PH3 Run 1506 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by B.B.

A big crowd of hashers was already waiting for the transport when I arrived. Three baht buses where required to transport us all to the run site. After getting lost last week on the way to the run, I felt confident that we would get there this time as we had ROBIN BARSTARD as the pilot. Mind you he did have us worried as we turned down pallet road again, and we all thought that he must have been using last weeks run directions. Anyway we arrived to find a great A site with plenty of room for parking.

Our GM SCAR called for the start of the run and welcomed us all there. He then called for the Vigins and their Sponsers and welcomed them along and told them that the Monday Pattaya hash was now their mother hash. New shoes where christened as well.    

Our hares then gave out the run instructions and off we went. Up hill to start with, and a bit of shiggy just to let us know we are hashing. Then it was down a nice track to meet up with the tar seal. Along the road for about 100 meters before heading back into the bush and tapioca. It was here that I had a call answer a call of nature and time I was ready to run again I couldn’t see any of the pack. Luckily for me I could see the road so I made my own run back to the A site. Talking to many people about the run before the circle started and the all agreed it was a good run, so well done hares.

 A couple of cold beers and a feed from VV’s buffet went down well before the circle was called.  

SCAR called in the 2 hares and the normal questions about the run where asked and it was agreed that it was a great run and A site. Apparently the hares where going to use a different A site but where run off.  

Raffle drawn where there where 5 winners and lots of losers. I heard it suggested that maybe the odd box of viagra and condoms would make great raffle prizes. Someone also suggested a bar fine, but I don’t think the ladies would appreciate winning that prize. Could you imagine if a harriet won and then turned around to her husband or partner and said “hey darling this is for you”

EMPEROR AIRHEAD then had the circle and he dealt with the hares, plus 7 virgins and the young Norwegian guys. Telling us a great story about the young guys in the TQ bar where they told a 25 year old Thai girl that she was TO OLD for them. Oh how I remember those days. Good to see that YULE, who was a virgin last week, came back and even brought another new face along.

WANKERS WANKING then has the circle and awards HORSE with his 5 hares cap, and tells a story about HORSE that involved unwashed ladies. Think that had something to do with HORSE getting a rash whilst in the Phillipines. SIR SPAG HEAD is awarded his 60 hares cap, and now has more hairs with the Pattaya hash than on his head. Who said Head? I’ll have some of that. Visitors where called and asked where they where from, and where also iced. Welcome to Mondays run guys. TAMPAX and BALLRINGER where also iced for talking while the joint GM was telling his story. Will you guys never learn?

SCAR was back in the circle and iced another virgin and his sponser because the virgin didn’t buy a hash shirt but wore one of his sponsers shirt. Come on mate new shirt only cost about 350 baht. Then the Russians where iced for their New Year and for hash trash, as one of them lost his running thong. MENSTRUAL DISORDER was brought into the circle so that she could show off her RING?????? A visting German hashers was iced for bringing a flaggon of his local brew along. Mind you I didn’t see it being handed out before the circle started, or I would have had a glass or two. One of the young Norwegians is back on the ice and we hear a story about a mozzie bite and also about some penicillena being required. I was told a long time ago to “never take something home that you didn’t bring with you” MENTAL DISORDER Disorder then has short time in the circle telling us stories about HORSE again and also about how he noticed FLYING FIN training for the hash run in a bar. Well done FIN you have your priorities right. He also has a story about his landlord BALLRINGER. Have to go easy on him MD or he will put your rent up.

I then had my turn in the circle and iced the Russians again along with their Italian virgin. He is there calling himself the ITALION STALLION and so I had all the girls have a look while he was sitting on the ice. They mentioned that they couldn’t see much so guessed that he had been gelded. Could be that if he returns TEENY WEENY 2 might be an appropriate hash name. I also got to do the hares song so I called out the hares and added them to the people already on the ice. The hash hymn is lead by all the Sirs and another great night of hashing in Pattaya starts to come to an end. Like Wank King's Wanking said earlier on in the evening, grab a couple of people from the street, bring them along and lets make the majic 100 runners figure. Well done hares, well done committee, and a big thanks to all you hashers who made for another great hashing night for me in Pattaya.

On-On!  B.B.

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