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PH3 Run 1508 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Beverley Hills Pink Cock

Waiting at 2nd road for the bus I was amused to see that the bus actually turned up this time and was hoping that the tank was full this time, unlike before at the Monkey Run last Saturday which led to a major breakdown on the Highway 7…. But Johnny had it under control this time and the ride was smooth….

Arriving at the A-site next to highway 7 we saw another healthy turnout for the PH3 with BOF, an old friend from HK, as an unexpected visitor. Speaking with some other German Hashers b4 the run the Joint Master Wanking’s W’ker walked up to us and demanded a scribe. “Rudi Voeller” vehemently denying saying he can only play football and unable to write and “Cheaper than MeMe” saying he doesn’t speak English well and only able to fix broken-down buses on Highway 7. Well then it was up to >me to find an excuse but I thought can anybody in America or in Thailand speak English properly, so Ithought ok, I’ll do it, what a fun….

Soon after the GM Scar with 2 T’s called the circle, no new shoes found and hares explaining about the their run and the markings in military style (or better retired servicemen style)….paper this week ha ha hanging on the left (done by one hare) and shredded on the right side (by the other hare)…. Even the blindest could not go lost!

The pack quickly let us down a dirt trail up a hill to first check…. There are back check today, we were warned by the hares before…and so it wast hat during the run the usual FRB’s got caught often in Bcheck’s with the pack able to catch up. Amusing to see that our very own Dog Whisperer “Vaseline Thighs” got outsmarted by his dogs “Eddy and Oscar”. With him running persistently into a false trail, the dogs stayed back smart enough waiting for the proper On On call from another direction….

Myself being caught a couple of times in Falsies and passing the main pack again I saw BOF hobbling along thetrail in his very own style, same as 20 years ago. He could be “Spaghetti Heads” brother… not fast but moving constantly …. old age ultra running ha ha….

At the very last check the pack was brought to a halt and many catching up and guessing where the trail was going….eventually the trail was found leading down the track into another last loop around a tapioca field by the Norwegians incl.” Karamba” and back home to the A-site with a stroll along the dirt track back to the highway, good for the FRB’s to stretch the legs and the an opportunity to shortcut for the tired ones/////

All in all a good run with good check and back-checks, no shiggy, no water this time, what a relief (no shoe’s cleaning this week!!! Ha ha) ….. Thanks to the hares for all the efforts!

Back at the A-site we were greeted a while later by the newly appointed Gourmet Food Master of the PH3 “VV’s” sandwich stand and were able to down a few sandwiches before it was On On to the usual beers to complement and complete another marvelous hashing day out in the woods…

Amazing to see that the Filipinas now started their own food circle in competition to the Thai girls who enjoy their som tam and khao phad the Filipinas gathered around some baka, baboy and balut ha ha in a fair distance….

The GM “Scar with two T’s” called for the second circle and put the hares on ice, joint 150 years of US military experience (or so probably) and everybody concluded it was a good run.

Then it was on to the Raffle as usual proceeding with the Raffle Master and all the winners enjoyed a free drink!

Soon after “Emperor Airhead” took the circle and iced the hares again and commended their good work… GI Joe with 10 hares to his credit, well done…

It was, furthermore, his task to name some runners with a few run’s at PH3 in order to give them a life at the Hash. First the Swedish (Austrian) couple where the noisy dishonest (secretly smoking) guy ended up in the bucket and named “Pussy Whipped” whereas his snitching wife named a moderate “Sexy Bum”. Then it was Jay on the ice, whereas his girlfriend named last week so it was up to him to get a name this week 'Cherry Boy.

The proceedings in the circle went on and the only thing I remember was that “Karamba” was again a frequent visitor on the ice and in the bucket,,, yeah these Norwegians like it cold for sure,,,, just like home.

As it was the AGM Run of the PH3 the old and new committee was called in the circle for their down down…too many positions to mention all here, just check on the new webpage for details.

If you wanna know what more happened in the circle just join the next run and don’t leave early --- always a cold beer and a chit-chat somewhere waiting…

Circle concluded with another song by the newly appointed Song Master “Honeybear” playing guitar and singing in Janis Joplin style (almost, just kidding) and the Hash Hymn.

It was On On to TQ1 as today’s On On Bar for another beer and hotdog!!

On-On!  Beverley Hills Pink Cock

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