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PH3 Run 1509 Scribe

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Starting run and directly in the plantation trails where we found the first check. The lazy GM SCAR said to the FRB, go, go and find papers. After 15 minutes we jump a small river and I heard behind me "plouf". Of course it was ROBBING BASTARD who is trying a frog jump. Across the black top road and we have the second check. Here, I said to TAMPAX we go right, pass the FT and go back to the a-site to prepare the food tables and the lights before the FRB arrive.

The circle: the run was very good (60') and EMPEROR AIRHEAD (only him) doesn't appreciatethe H signs from SQUEESE MY TUBE ! TAMPAX, BALLRINGER, BOTTOMLESS PIT and LIBERACE on the ice to be important mismanagement.

Anniversaries:PINKABOO 100 runs shirt and ROBBING BASTARD 5 hared cap ....

.... Hash crash for him also and HELIUM HEAD. MENTAL DISORDER took the circle and called the GM and V.V. to give some information about his Cambodia trip. Nice beaches at Sihanoukville and don't forget to visit the "Blue Mountain! A number of other sinners due to beer abuse. So, see you on the next PH3.

On-On!  VV

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