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PH3 Run 1510 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Honey Bear shoulder is swelling my back is aching, bruises body pain due to the accident last to second road waiting of the bus. Here they comes...our beloved Gm w/ his virgin...looking great! sounds they having fun and enjoy their holiday in Cambodia.

We arrived at the A site w/ faces...visitors and our regular hashers..everybody is busy mingled around so I decide to sit down and relax preparing myself for the walk.... the Gm called the circle as a tradition christening of new shoes and a light introduction of the virgins and visitors....then the hares explain the run Off to the walking trails w/ the cracks,and the very famous group of walkers...lead by Emperor Airhead, Uncle Pervy, Ganggreen, Ratso Eel Sniffer and others.

On the trails Emperor Airhead poured his liqour and offered a drink to Squeeze my Tube and Running Deer...cant forget what they look like...they got a great facial reaction after that the trail we met Cabbage Flaps and her lovely grand daughter Cabbage this sweet lovely little angel of ph3 is really amazing and very smart,she got new shoes and said she is hiding cause she dont want to drink a beer...aside from that its her first walk at the trails as her grandma promised to bring her in the trails when she reach the age of six..i cant stop smiling looking to her while she sweetly telling us about her first walk....thumbs up to Cabbage doubt she got the blood of a real hasher..mmmm can't wait to see her to set a run...wish we can have a run soon called THE CABBAGE RUN. At the crossroads we met the smiling sweaty Vaseline Thighs, Marathon Man, Running Bare, Cabbage Knievel, Beverly Hills Pink Cock and the rest of the front the site i saw the private circle of the frb ... discussing about the checks, the trails.. as Cabbge Knievel explain how it was....i see this guys are devoted to this hashing clan...after all the monkey businesses.

The second circle begin.. .hares on ice..over all judgement it was a great run...Emperor took the circle w/ his mystical magic red dress..w/ matching bouquet...w/ the persona of Bell... gm's virgin...they give us lovely red roses..symbolize the unconditional love of St.valentine...Lots of fun happen in the circle including the awardee of achievements of some hashers,,

Emperor Airhead' new big bike(miniture), ...

... hundred runs t-shirt of Steptoe and Horse the ten hared cap of G.I JOE.

..spinning on ice courtesy by the cracks and the good participation of Mrs Head..i see Sir Spaghetti Head was so proud of his wife.

EARLIER in the circle Emperor Airhead give an honor to our great hasher who passed away...if im not wrong yesterday..Yankee Doodle...also called Commander Ray..and at the middle of the circle...

Uncle Pervy took the chance to share his moments w/ his good friend..he said he was talking to this guy last tuesday.....the only wish he said to Uncle Pervy was he want to have a trip going here...but he did not make it....everybody was so silent we can feel how hurtful it was for...Uncle Pervy who tried to hide his tears.. i know he want to Cry out loud.... while listening to him w/ his broken voice.

Cant stop my tears...its very unusual to see a man who will speak about what they feel and how much they care of one thing..very rare to see a guy cried emotionally specially for friendship..and i feel the sincerity of Uncle Pervy... this man is such a good man, a man to be proud, as a respect we paid a silent prayer..Rest In Peace....were so thankful of Clitface for the memorable photo of Commander thing is true..Life is too short and unpredictable..just keep our life happy and try to live it w/ kindness w/o harming anybody... the end of the day you will not be remembered by your will be remebered of what good deeds you do unto others...and this will be ingraved in our heart forever.....God bless us all ....MABUHAY to all

On-On!  Honey Bear

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