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Arriving the A-site no bus were to be seen. After waiting a long time Squezze My Tube called the driver. They were 10min late on departure Pattaya and traffic jam in Klang. When they finally arrived 4.50pm some were mumbled about the people, will someone get lost in the dark. Read on to see who that might be.

1st. circle. GM Scar with two ts gathered the crowd and bring 3 virgins and 2 with new shoes into the circle. Then the hares pointing us on out, along the same road as we used 2 weeks ago. On on it was until the second check.

Here we all got lost and after 5min suddenly the hare Empty Spermbank showed up and get us on paper. I was wondering if this will be hash shit then a rule at my previous hash in Indonesia 10 years ago always quoted : if the hare is seen on the run its automaticely hash shit . The rest of the trail was ok and it measured 7.8km. Only 1 incident. We met Stinky Sloppy Seconds going the wrong way. We told him to turn but this stubborn norgy we couldn’t change his decision. It took me 1h20min to do it while the front runners were back in 50 min. Well into the dark Stinky S.. S.. were back.

I was thirsty and hungry after the run so straight to the fruit table. There were Scar with 2 ts , The birthday boy of the night, announcing some vodka… I didn’t pay so much attention then I quit drinking many years ago. I took my usual watermelon… and phuuaaey.. it tasted….. VODKA. I went over to the beer truck and should pick the scribe board. Bottomless Pit came like a whirl-vind and asked what I was doing in his car. I should not have go into other people cars he said in german=actung richtung. 2nd circle. Big Buddha day today so no beer bars open, only our beer truck.

The Birthdayboy was iced and he was given presents from Stupid Kraut Cunt and Emperor Airhead. Raffle times- winners this week was Liberaci, Katryn, Bow Wow, Stupid Kraut Cunt, Eivind our visitor from Phnom Penh H3, Next Week, Flying Finn, Velcro Dick and Crazy Pussy. GM .The birthday boy , on ice again. This time a beautiful song, from the well so beautiful Phillipino quartet with Honey Bear on guitar. Emperor Airhead then entered the circle and asked King Yao Yao about the run- Excellent he said and so it was.

Mental Disorder and Menstrual Disorder had been to a holiday in Sihanoukville Cambodia. There Menstrual Disorder tried a Happy Pizza and the morning after the entire ceiling in their room were sprayed with pizza. She got a very hot one. 9 years old Midnight Star were then invited into the circle to achieve her 500 Run acknowledgement. And then -- Bottomless Pit in for his 500th run. His old teacher, his gymnastic trainer, his gay boyfriend and his neighbor were all flown in from Germany for , his big day. So he should from this day forward be known as Sir Bottomless Pit.

Next achiever was Ballringer with 400 Runs. And only 5 months until he will be a father. We had 1 last but not least achiever. V.V. received his 600th Run t-shirt.

Then Single Cell were called into the circle. He had committed the extraordinary crime of refusing to be beer police. He was the 1st and only in the bucket for the evening.

A German, Jurgen had no hashname but it was postphoned to name him next week. Honey Bear came the hares to rescue and presented a nice song.

On-On!  Peler

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