Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1513 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Sir Spaghetti Head

Hello Moe, Hello Joe, it’s nice to see you back again this week! I hear that we missed a real good run and a great circle last week. From what I hear the hares did a nice job and “The Emperor” and GM were even funny in the circle. Let’s hope that today’s run is as good as last week’s and the circle is as entertaining and funny as the verbal reports we’ve heard!

Well, It’s starting off like normal – BALL RINGER, HORSE, V.V., TAMPAX, and 20 others are here waiting to signup but, LIBERACE is a couple of minutes late because of the heavy equipment on the road to this new A-site. Guaranteed everything will go smoothly once he arrives here and sets up! Looks like I’m correct – everyone is signed up with time to spare; the GM is calling for the circle; and the hare’s are ready to give us the trail details!

The start of the run headed directly from the A-site down to the edge of the lake (which fooled no one) but, G.I. JOE, RUNNING BARE, JACKEL, KARAMBA and others performed like true hashers and followed the paper! The walkers – including the ladies, GANGREEN, GKW, SPAG, and others followed along the road to keep dry and shortcut as we mostly do! Our odd man out, “SIR RSB”, was still (picking them up and laying them down) trying to lose three more pounds so that he would fit into his “going back to the UK” traveling clothes.

The running trail had something for everyone featured tonight – uphill and downhill’s, straight fast trails for the racers, and water ponds for the “frogs”. SIR MC tired to frog jump the water but, bumped his ass on the takeoff and landing which brought many laughs from those who saw his attempt to keep dry. Good job hares! The entire trail was recorded as 8.4 to 9.9k. If you’re a number’s person choose the number that fits best! Congratulations to all who did the entire trail!

The GM started tonight’s circle different for a change! Visitors in: Tokyo and Korean runners on the ice and then into the bucket. They never flinched and played the game admirably! It was now time for the leaver’s: CHEAPER THAN MEME and his wife on the ice and BALL RINGER in the bucket (never happened). If BALL RINGER had sat in the bucket numerous times prior to playing with BELL END he wouldn’t be new expectant father now! Too late WENDY!

Anniversaries popped next: CINDERELLA – 50 RUNS, CHICKEN HUNTER – 50 RUN MUG, SCAR WITH TWO T’S – 150 RUNS, MIDNIGHT STAR – 500 RUN SHIRT. No I didn’t forget the raffle and winners! Congratulations to all the winners! My condolences to those who just missed out! Keep buying those raffle tickets as the proceeds help to keep the weekly and annual costs down! Thanks for helping.

Emperor Airhead enters and congratulates the hares for a great run. He then embarrasses TAMPAX (at least turns his face cherry red) for the great job on the moving direction signs. That over- FLYING FINN and his virgin on the ice (of course THE BUCKET follows thereafter)! FERRY QUEEN then endures seemingly hours of abuse, in THE BUCKET, from the GM, THE EMPEROR, HULK and others! Have some pity on his dumb sole next week guys. He will never be a “shining star” no matter how many times you wash him! Dumb is DUMB!

Yes, I know that SIR MC, STUPID KRAUT KUNT, MENTAL DISORDER, the PHILLIPINE LADIES, HONEY BEAR, V.V (our food caterer) and others were either abused and/or helped to support tonight’s enlightened new circle! HONEY BEAR and ladies added the hares with a song. The HASH HYMN was led by 18 unlucky soles that had to drink the 18 last down downs!

Well MOE, tonight’s run and circle, really shows that the PH3 is alive and back on the right track! I had a great time even without one beer! See everyone next week!

On-On!  Sir Spaghetti Head

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