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PH3 Run 1516 Scribe

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Run 1516, Flying Finn and Robbing Bastard, good trails lots of up and down, and valleys as I interview Pig Pusher Swine Stabber about the run, and with the refreshment bar in the middle of the trails, with all the Salamakki everybody come to one voice." GOOD RUN GREAT HARES" We miss Emperor I think he lost again.

GM call the circle, raffle draws, and etc...followed by Wank King's Wanker stats report and interrogation. everyone have fun from the Scandi hooligans down to Bell End w/ her 250 runs and the historic and remarkable among all, General Kidney Wiper's 20 hares t-shirt..I like the design, it reminds me of the past.

Ebony Princess tells us story about an Englishman she take’s care but later she too drunk and can't remember anymore. Pussy Whipped beer police have a handgun for take care the beers, this guy is really a good man and very funny he also brings one of his snake’s who take care the bucket.

Stupid Kraut Kunt and Velcro Dick on ice and give us a very very important advice, do not use your real name when you go out for short time. As SKK tell the story it goes like this, one woman from short time bar asked Velcro Dick what his name and he said, my name is MOSTAFA, then the woman ask SKK same question and he answered ALIH, the real plan of SKK is to used a name PETTER but since his one friend already used a muslim name he must follow too. But the woman never believed to them, the woman said they not look like Arab they look like european but ALIH insist we’re from PAKISTAN and he add my real name is ALIH W HEINEKEN, then the Thai woman get mad and said " ALIH UP TO YOU. i dont want Heineken..i want LEO and I LEARN FROM THIS STORY, from now on i will not used my real name instead HONEYBEAR. Mental Disorder took the circle all Scandihooligans on ice, one scandi lady no care seat down on ice only skin Long Boobs, yeh hey! heya Scandihooligan! and Helium Head had a funny song about the kangaroo for the Aussie on ice, f&%k off Aussie.

Stupid Kraut Kunt (SKK) on iced again w/ his German friend from Berlin and soon on bucket SKK is a great mentor he tried to teach his friend how to lied infront of the circle even Gm try to hide him he still find ways to make everything perfect but you cannot cheat the Gm his mate followed him in the bucket.

Super Virgin on iced for his very factual alibi, he did not make it to meet his friends because he was too busy planning for the future, the GM bring Bell End in the circle to asked him if that was what he plan all about but SKK disagree he said he did not make it because he is so tired ......making style.

Almost finished then Helium Head asked the Gm if he can take the circle and he was granted, he iced the hares and appreciate their effort for this run but he just miss one thing in the trails the cattle, then he get lost for about 3 minutes and back with his cattle style woody horn and try to bump the hares.

Then finally the hare song very funny song! too much people on ice plus the trivia of Mental Disorder, 5 FRIDAY 5 SATURDAY 5 SUNDAY of this month. Everyone enjoy and have fun and mostly forget something.. G.I JOE is on the bus when he remembered his bag was still in the circle run quick then here we go....f&%k off you cunt f&%k! f&%k off you cunt! so happy that night!

On-On!  Sir Arsehopper

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