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PH3 Run 1517 Scribe

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I did the walkers trail and saw Sir Fucking Dog and Lord Chicken Fucker on trail. First time I have see Sir Fucking Dog on trail.

The G.M called the circle and iced the hares, every body in the circle agreed it was a good run, especially when Mental Disorder had two virgin hares in Pussy Whipper and Sexy Bum.

Emperor Air Head took the circle and called the six virgins in for down down drinks and inform them that Pattaya Hash is their mother hash. Mental Disorder and Menstrual Disorder were iced and awarded the Hash Heroes Award for over achieving. Great going guys.

Wank King's Wanker awarded Tadpole a down down for her 400 hundred runs, then E.T, Manx Pedophile Pussy Fucker and Morning Star for being leavers.

Then I was given the circle to pick next weeks scribe, I put Honey Bear in the bucket for not informing Ball Ringer that she was a leaver, Banana Bender (B.B) was Iced for volunteering to be next weeks scribe.Sir Bottomless Pit and Sweetie were iced for not telling the visitor Banana Republic about buying hash t-shirts.

Cambodian hasher "Net" was put on the ice by Emperor Air Head and given her hash name "Mekong Princes ", why was I not given a name like that. G.M put Bananas in the bucket for not being over 70 and sitting down in the circle.

Lord Chicken Fucker took the circle and put hash shit on No More Cum for being Kim Jong-Un the north Korean Leader he asked which area in Pattaya are you going to bomb first ? Chicken Fucker warned all the hashers to keep away from Boys Town just in case. Chicken Fucker came to hash today to inform his fellow hashers he is still alive, some one called him and asked if he was dead, he said no I'm still in the land of the living .

Long Live Lord Chicken Fucker

G.M iced Stupid Kraut Kunt and four other hashers for not doing the run and being lazy cunts. Sir Spag iced Scandihooligan hares Scar and his girlfriend for not taking down the hash signs down for last Saturdays run and thanked the Scandihooligans for a great day.

B.B iced nine harriets and No More Cum then he sang a funny hash song, which the circle thought was great.

Scar iced Mental Disorder and Zenergy. Scar asked if he liked the run, to which Zenergy replied "it was a very good run, better than V.V's runs", Sorry V.V you will have to prove him wrong next week.

On-On!  Crazy Pussy

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