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Yes, here I am again. You can’t get rid of me! Last week I also was the scribe and left the pen over to Seal Sucker. Sadly, he got ill and couldn’t be on the run today, so I was asked to be the scribe again. Well well, I’m a nice little innocent girl who, of course, could not say anything else then “yes”! So, here I am again…

Today’s hares, V.V and Rear Gunner, had as usual, find us a very good A-site. Near the high way, but still in a nice, quiet place with good space. Today’s run had distinguished visit of an old well-known person, Hell Boy, the previous GM of the Pattaya H3. For this unusual visit, he was courted by a nice plaque, for his 2 years as a

GM. The current GM, Scar with two T’s, was the one who took over his job and handed over the plaque. This was done before the run, when everyone still was sober and knew what was happening.

The run went thru a lovely lush area and took about 45 minutes for the front runners to fulfill and in the meantime, when the runners (and walkers) were out on the field, V.V took command over his grill and made us his very good hamburgers. A delectable BBQ scent spread in the area and led the runners back. Rear Gunner also wanted to show off and served up with cheeses, crackers and salami. Great initiative!

As usual, the circle starts with GM Scar putting the hares on the ice, thanks them for the good run which we all enjoyed very much. Then it was Airheads turn, who also puts the hares on the ice and names this run to 007-run because of the secret and well hidden A-site.

Next persons in the circle are the virgins. Airhead takes in 3 very sexy girls who he said made all the men drivel and forget all the beer. He also asked the girls what they think about the run and if they would come back. But two of them wasn’t impressed at all and said they never come back. Sorry guys!

Linear Accelerator was named by Airhead. Welcome to the disturbed family! Wang Kings Wanker enters the circle, mad as a bee. It turned out that someone tossed a water bottle in the nature. We don’t do that as hashers, otherwise we may not be using the area again. So in the future, clean up after yourself! Some hashers became especially honored; - Young Cinderella for her 50 runs, got a nice silver mug of her own to drink beer from (or maybe soft drinks!) - Cabbage Queen was honored for her 250 runs. - Next Week for his 50 runs. But it turned out he also is a leaver for at least 6 month, so he gets his mug next time he comes to the Pattaya H3 run.

Today we had 9 (!!!) visitors who got a warm welcome to the PH3. Two of them entered the circle without a proper hash-shirt and were put in the bucket. Maybe it wasn’t so warm for them? There were also 6 others who became notable as leavers. Sorry for them!

After a lot of talk here and there, it was my turn to take the circle and nominate a new scribe for next week’s run. I had one person in mind, but when I was calling his name, it seemed he had gone home so I ended up choosing cute little Cabbage Princess as a new scribe. Maybe she uses a ghostwriter in her dad, Cabbage Head! It continues with a lot of people in the circle, a lot of people on the ice for that and that and that………

Not boring you out, I will end here even if the circle continued with more hash-blash, but I don’t have anything more interested to write about,

On-On!  Sexy Bum

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