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Well, well, well….. Here we are again. Picked as a scribe by my newest best (girl-)friend – Gangreen. But, some good comes with the scribing – you can sit down in the circle!!! That’s worth a lot! AND you get the ice-power J It speaks to itself – put all and everyone you want on the ice OR in the bucket. Who doesn’t want to do that??? But, I’ve now been a scribe many times and I do think it’s great, but now you know all of my biography, so what more can I write? Shit, then I must write something about the run L

Today’s A-site was in a new area, or an area we haven’t used for a long time. Down the Siam Country Road, and not far at all from Pattaya. A great A-site with a great 8 km run, and about 3 km walk. The hares, Ballringer, Mental and Menstrual Disorder, had really found a good place for a rather easy run. Easy meaning no hills, no mountains or unscalable jungle! But tough enough because of the very sunny and hot weather! Many good checks that kept the runners well together.I thought it was a great run and most of us were out around 1 hour.

As mentioned, today’s hare were Ballringer, Mental Disorder and Menstrual Disorder. What did you expected? A run without the MD’s is no run! (Now a days!) And as always the circle starts by GM puts hares on the ice asking all the hashers what we think about the run. Everybody, except Sir MC, thought the run was great. He complained about the hot weather – something the hares cannot be held responsible to! The circle starts and I’m not really accessory or concentrated on it. I lost my goldbijou I from my necklace!!!! In the end, GM could not concentrate on his task, he paused the circle and helped me looking! And we found it! Thank You, WangKings Wanker! Airhead entered the circle and called the visitors.

One visitor, Snowball, who we all got to know as one of the rare museum-pieces in Pattaya! Wow! Maybe I should ask him for an autograph? Welcome back Snowball! The schedule continues with some great awards to some great hashers. WangKings Wanker first calls General Kidney Whiper in the circle, honors him for his 600 runs!!! The second one being honored is Sir Spagettihead. This little skinny man has made 700 runs – only on PH3. I know he also runs everywhere else! (No,no - no naughty thouhts!). I am impressed. If I have that spirit in his age I’ll be very glad!

Next to the altar, hmmmm…. Circle, is the big bear GangGreen! Can you believe he has 100 runs? I mean runs! Runs as in running! Or as Wikipedia defines it; Runningis a means of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot. It is simply defined in athletics terms as a gait in which at regular points during the running cycle both feet are off the ground.” And everyone directly knows who I mean! Yes? Anyway, big congrats to all of you, General Kidney Wiper, Sir Spagetti Head and our own teddybear, GangGreen! My Girlfriend knows I’m Gay was put on the ice as a leaver. (Will miss you!) And I was put beside him because of something with at big dick???? Today’s returner B.B took the circle and did a very funny play. The play went like this! One of the hashers in the circle had to say the names of the hashers on the right of him. Did he not know his name, he was put on the ice. Then it got the other way (left). Very funny! I think that’s something we should add to the program every time so we get to know each other better! And I got inspired to have my own little play, when it was my turn in the circle, choosing at knew scribe! So, at last, when it was my turn (because the giddy GM always forgets me!!!), I made a play called “Musical chairs”, but today with ice instead of chairs. My contests where B.B, RearGunner, Shit my Pants and GI Joe. They were walking around the ice while I was singing a Swedish song. When I stopped singing they were supposed to, as soon as possible, put their skinny asses on the ice. The last man standing (or on the ice) became the scribe for next week. Really funny, I thought! So next week’s lazy scribe is B.B! I have to give him a great tribute to him, being a very good shooter, who gave everything and put himself in the bucket.

If you want more of funny plays – make me a new scribe. If you don’t like to play stupid children plays – forget making me as a scribe This week’s hash-trash goes to the amazing and astonished Linnear Excellerator for throwing garbage on the run. Have your mother learnt you nothing??? Well, now he gets the lovely hat that suits WangKings Wanker so good and makes him soooo sexy! All from me Thank’s all for a great run!

On-On!  Sexy Bum

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