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Its Monday and Aussie run . The Grandmaster called the first circle and ask something , i thought he asked about new shoes , and i raised my hand , fuck i should pay more attention , because he not ask about shoes he asked about beeing scribe .so i am your scribe this week , My apologice for spelling mistakes and wrong grammar , but i think my english is better than the german of all you readers . Gm dealt with new shoes , and i also got my weldcome drink . 7 virgins got introduced and GM told us that its Budda day today and no happy hour because no beer allowed to sell .

The hare got the circle and they sent us off to the run . My most fomous running area , and we took off . Susi Wong and Hulk joined me on my version of that weeks run . We walked off . The running area was totally messed up by that fucking pan asia assholes who never heard about our motto dont trash the nature . The walk was plastered by empty water bottles and a lot of other trash . Checks and arrows are SPRAYED on trees , i never saw like that . Whatever we gave our best to take as much rubbish with us as possible .

After we arrived at the asite we had a nice talk with Airhead and his chill out buddies , enjoyed nice english sausages , sponsored by the hares . The second circle started . This weeks Raffle was also sponsored by the hares and the the Aussies also dealt with the winners . The Empereor took the circle iced many people and made us laugh like usual . I continued drinking whiskey with the Brewmaster . After this The Hulk took the circle and iced The Scribe to tell everyone that he is not gay , but if he would need a sperm donation he would like to have Karamba's , whatever , i continued drinking Whiskey with the Brewmaster . After that the Aussies got the circle and auctioned a nice coin.

The winner this year is Sir Fucking Dog . Thanks for that and thank you hares , because the money from that auction is going to the Jesters care for kids . After that the Bad RA Hellboy took the circle and introduced next weeks Scribe ... Sir Bottomless Pit .... After that Hellboy iced many other people to give them shit . I continued drinking whiskey with the Brewmaster. After that the gm took the circle and dealt with visitors award winners and virgins . I got so drunken that i passed out at this time , but i think you all had a lot off fun afterwards . By the way , sorry guys you invited me to that private pool party at your hotel , but i was sleeping already . Thanks for a good monday and see you all next year.

On-On!  Hellboy

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