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PH3 Run 1535 Scribe

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It's Monday , and again I find myself out in the bush . Well not exactly , right off Highway 36 , but a nice A-site nonetheless . I shoot the shit with some fellow hashers and wait for the circle to be called . A smaller turnout than the previous weeks . The circle is called , no new shoes , and the Hares : Spagetti Head and Mrs. Head , on in to explain the run . All the usuall except the checks are star checks . The runners and walkers were then off in thier respective directions . I stayed at the a-site and 15 minutes later the walkers were back and they had a sign with them . It instructed them to turn around and come back for some cold beer . Good idea hares . After about an hour or so , everyone was back in enjoying a cold brew and food laid out by our chef de cuisuine , V.V. . As usual , I made my way over to one of Nightrider's comfortable chairs for our weekly bull session , among other things . The beer flowed and the food was devoured . Time for the circle . Our GM Wankings Wanker called for order . The hares were iced and the run was given a good run , great walk, ...... . Everyone seemed to enjoy , no complaints . The raffle next with Bottomless Pit , First number called , no winner . I glance over at Emperor Airhead and he is furiosly looking for his tickets . By the time he finds them Bottomless has moved on . Of course Airhead had the winner and lost out on the soaps shaped like fruits . Time for some Religion , Emperor Airhead takes the circle . He ices the hares and gives them kudos for positioning the bus between the circle and the highway . Someone then yells out , I think it was G.I.Joe , It would've been better if they closed the windows . This gets a big laugh from the crowd . Next in is Bottomless Pit to discuss last weeks scribe . Instead of talking about the run , he just griped about all the jobs he has on the hash . I as well as most hashers thankful for his hard work and agree with Airheads assessment " NO BEER , NO HASH ! Next time you grab a beer , give Sir Bottomless Pit a pat on the back . Next up was Spin King , Captain of the '95 ice spinning team . Airhead reminds us of Ewok's world record of 9 complete spins , and promises a return of ice spinning in the near future with the all new Philapino team . Some awards , Extra Testicle , whose first run was in 1984 , reached 300 runs . Beverly Pink Hills Cock , notice the mispelling , recieved his 5 hared hat . Then to my surprise ,I was granted ice power . I quickly iced Sir Miserable Cunt as a Surragate for Hellboy . Hellboy showed up today with his usual Mussolini strut . Later at Nightriders truck he was whinning about not having any material for the circle and he scampered off like a dog with his tail between his legs . I called in Lord Chicked Fucker to be scribe next week and we had a note for them. Lord Chicken Fucker took the circle and declared himself a new Granddad . He then iced all the Grandads : BB, E.T., Wankings Wanker, Assaholic, and "Jimmy" ( can't remember hash name ) . He next performed a magic trick . He made his Ex's Panties disappear up his bum , only to reappear in Honey Bear's ear . Poor girl . His next victim , Ballringer , who has a newborn baby . He gave him some advice on how to quite a screaming infant . One word , Microwave . " Lord Chicken Fuckers Baby Raising Tips " out in paperback at your local Bookazine . Hare song performed by BB titled "I have a beer " was enjoyed by all . Hash Hymn sung and everyone went their seperate ways . Happy Hour at the TQ , ejoyed by few . Thanks for the meatballs .

On-On!  Seagull Shit

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