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September 16, 2013... The Filipino team... Crazy pussy, I lean over, Menstrual disorder, Pornstar, Chelyl, Midnightstar (wanna be a Filipino) and yours truly Honeybear. We are the Filipinos who love to hashed, but because of unexpected future Pornstar have to go back in Philippines to fix some things, Crazy pussy have to go in Australia to complete her love story with golden horse and Chelyl have an emergency call from her work. As we fall apart we still tried to managed to make this run possible....As they said " together we stand divided we fall" hand on hand, and this is it! the making of Run 1541.

I admit... we encountered difficulties of this run. A group of dogs, cows and buffalos. Crossing the rivers twice...holding our breathed with a piece of stick on our hands as my grandma said " if you see a dogs and you feel their aggressiveness to attack you sit down quickly and put a stick on your head..." and that's what we! amazingly my grandma was right! as we saw the dogs running to us we sit down quickly! we're surrounded by them very angry grrrrrrrrrrrr! i put a piece of steak no!no!no! i mean stick on my head and i saw Menstrual

disorder took a piece of cigarette on and start to blow... .nananana trying to calm down myself....imagined that scenario we had a circle there for 5 minutes were on iced by dogs and its not good! and we cannot rejoice! then the dogs decided to go back to their posts...and its about time to continue the journey...mmmmmm we change the plan change the trails we should think the safety of our beloved hashers and hashing visitors..and it's lead us to the solar funnel field...ahah! I wished Karamba was there to appreciate the beauty of natural we finished the trails we only hope and prayed that our vision (to give a good trails to the hashers) with one mission to promote the hash with the laws of nature will be successful.


The bus arrived.... last sign up! then the monkey business starts. I asked Gangreen to took over my duty as a hash flash. I asked B. B. too for a hare song since our invited guests the Filipino band was not around....lots of kicking happens....the gm called the circle.. iced Hellboy as he asked why their is a dog on the Monday hash......he don't know about it... 2 virgins today lots of visitors from Bangkok, Philippines, Phnom penh and etc...Christianing of shoes and here we goes explaining the run....2 important reminders.... our papers are white not yellow.. follow the papers for your safety....and the run embarked....after a couples of struggling the front runners came and said... good run girls! thanks we exclaimed... some said the papers was not good anyway we cant please everyone...some hashers decided to do the shortcut to avoid the rivers some decided to stop over the bar to have some Chang and some decided to do the whole story of the trails.

We start serving the food... menu of the day! Afritada and Chicken Adobo...then the second circle begun...hares on iced as usual good run good food... then Meme's circle.. as he said it was a good run too and in some reason he bucket Sir Mc ...then the nigth goes on...Suzy Wong took over the hash flash thanks dear! for the overwhelming support!....And the awardee of 5 hares caps to Midnight star and yours truly, the 50 runs of Running Bire. lots of speakers that time as I

remember Bimbo our beloved supporter the editor of HASH HOUSE HARRIER MAGAZINES took the circle too...Short Time from Bkk, Mrs head and myself. I feel so grateful and very proud of the ff. hashers Gen Kidney Wiper, Sir Spag. head, Sir Free Willy, E.T., Gangreen, and Robbing bastard. as for me they did a great scribes (apology to some scribers maybe i did not read some of your scribes). To those Ph3 great warriors The Legend, The History makers and the Veteranos or the Old farts... in my own understanding and observation as a new generation of this clan, those great hashers did great things in different ways... I wished one day the PH3 Mis management will sponsor a reunion run for this heroes its time to give back the the hash hymn begin to the the roaring road that never ends....may peace, love and unity arise over pride and we move to the next chapter of our history let me remind you guys that life is full of struggling full of pain and full of judgement...just live life to the fullest..... live the way you want it..choose to be happy...bec. at the end of the day its your life and this is life! and nobody's perfect...... I would like to give thanks to those hashers who wore our Phils. Independence shirts thank you so much from the bottom of our heart! Thanks to the ff. Little boy from Bkk = who tried his best to help out my Filipina friends. Liberace = for helping us to asked the Mismanagement about the budget of the food. Sir Spag. head = who raised the food budget from 800 to 1000 baht thank you so much! Gm Wanking wankers = who supported us all the way. Mental disorder = for the undying support for the Filipina team. Sir Arsehopper = for the transportation. to all who came and sign up for this run.... thanks and God bless you! MABUHAY PH3!

On-On!  Honey Bear

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