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Monday’s hash-run began out on the Police station on highway 331 (????)! I think everybody was a little bit scared. But on the opposite side of the Police station we find a magical A-site by a small lake. There was today’s A-site.

The hares today the experienced MENTAL & MENSTRUAL DISORDER, REAR GUNNER and PHONEY CUNT.
4 hares are nothing unusual, but today I think they divided it like this; 2 of them put paper on the ground and 2 put some more paper on the ground, but in another color! Yes, that’s how it was!

Maybe I (and about 15 other hashers) was not intelligent enough for this run because we were lost. No, not really lost, but lost of paper. After 1,5 km there was a check, someone called on-on and everybody run to the left.
It appeared to be a “FT” and we all run back the same way. Afterwards we were all lost. Nobody found paper and everyone found a lot of paper. We didn’t know if it was new or old paper. There were different type of papers and there were also papers heading back to the A-site. So someone run that way, some others this way and others another way. It was not easy. Anyway, we didn’t really found the right way and came back to the A-site the wrong way. But – there was still a lot of paper!!!!

Well, everybody got back to A-site and some even got back the right way!!!!

Before the circle started I (SEXY BUM) served my delicious subs filled with chickenmeatballs and Swedish beetrootsalad. They were popular J
And next week I’ll bring you some more delicious food! (-“SEXY BUM”)

And as every week SCAR WITH 2 T’s opens the circle by putting the hares on the ice. SCAR was also confused over the paper-story out on the run but was a little pussy and left to EMPEROR AIRHEAD to punish the hares! Hmmmm……!!!!

The raffle was really exciting when cute little CABBAGE PRINCESS had the right number and wanted to choose “her own” price, but mommy CABBAGE QUEEN was not so eager to collect the same price and shouted “no no no” all the time and then took another price!!! Poor little “princess”! But, “princess” was lucky, and another of her numbers came up and she could pick her special price!

EMPEROR AIRHEAD took the circle and started it by honoring PUSSY WHIPPED because of his contribution to the raffle, his self-made hash-painting. The winner of it, I AM GERONIMO, was called into the circle, with the painting to show for everyone. The rumor said it already is out on E-Bay!

He also gave PUSSY WHIPPED a lot of credits for all those fantastic photos from the 30-anniversary run last week and also thanked all the people who made that run become true!

The hares were, once again, put on the ice and. E.A was so amazed by the romantic A-site by the beautiful lake with the full moon shining above us.

Then it was time for a baptize! The very kind, lovely and sympathique guy, Jan Harry, was named HAIRY ARMPIT!

After the Emperor it is always WANK-KING’S WANKERS turn to enter the circle and he announced there were a total of 87 runners registered.

VELCRO DICK was honored for his 300 runs! Great buddy!

CABBAGE PRINCESS was called to enter the circle and asked if something special happens to here this week! She couldn’t think of anything but we all now she has her 7th birthday! Big little girl! So the circle sings her a birthday song and mommy forgot the birthday cake. Well, I think she gets it on Saturday!

GM SCAR WITH 2 T’s becomes the circle again and takes in the 7 returners. One of them hadn’t been to the Monday hash for 25 years!!!! Welcome back all of you! Where has he been? That we can only speculate about – but I have a very good imagination J

Then he puts the hare REAR GUNNER on the ice and asked how many hares he has been doing – 4 hares! The GM asks him if he really knows how a check looks like. And yes he says he does! The rumor of this hash says that he thinks that the checks are like arrows!!!
Oh, now I know why we went the wrong way!

The eccentric man ESTONIAN FUCKER was put in the bucket – and I promise not a pretty sight – when he pulls down his pants to his knees and shows off the whole package *iiihhhh….*

Well, he was put there because his girlfriend aka virgin didn’t have a proper hash-shirt on in the circle. As an experienced hasher ESTONIAN FUCKER should know all about this. He defended himself by telling that she had great hash-nickers on. But no one was allowed to see and no witnesses.

Unfortunately he was put in the bucket several times *iiiihhhhh…..*

After LORD CHICKEN FUCKERS all too long speech in the circle I was allowed to enter to pick the next week’s scribe. I made a little game that the circle would figure out the correct answer to.

Next week’s scribe is going to be MENTAL DISORDER!

At the end we all wanted to hear the hares sing, but instead LONE WOLF sings the hare-song.

On-On!  Sexy Bum

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