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PH3 Run 1559 Scribe

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Today we had 2 great hasher’s KEE MAH and STEPTOE join forces to hare a run and what a great run it was. The back checks and loops kept all the runners together and they got back to the a-site in the big group.

SCAR WITH TWO T’s open the circle and immediately iced STEPTOE and KEE MAH and asked the circle what they thought of the run. Everyone said it was a great run and well planed.

SIR BOTTOMLESS PIT started the raffles and winners where SHIT MY PANTS, REAR GUNNER - twice, LINEAR ACCELERATOR – twice, DEAD HEAD – twice, BILLION SUCKER, G-SPOT,  GENERAL KIDNEY WHIPER and DOESN’T  TOUCH THE SIDE. Special thanks to DEAD HEAD for being very generous and buying a 1.000 baht of raffle ticket.

EMPEROR AIR HEAD iced the hare and quizzed the hares about the HHH signs to the a-site, a little bit confusing. KEE MAH explained he was one sign short. HAIRY ARMPIT and his brother where iced and his brother was given a name HAIRY THE CUNT. Then named there 2 girlfriends COLD NOSE and LAZY GIRLBALL RINGER, LINEAR ACCELERATOR and GAS MAN where our birthday boys for the week.

HELLBOY the bad R.A bucketed KEE MAH for the missing HHH sign. He then iced EMPEROR AIRHEAD for forgetting what the iced felt like. SIR MISERABLE CUNT and HONEYBEAR where iced as HELLBOY did not know that they are a couple and well shocked that they had been seeing one another for long time. On another note HELLBOY was happy for SIR ARSE-HOPPER getting a great new girlfriend and now very happy. HELLBOY then re-iced SIR MISERABLE CUNT for going around to the other hashers to get free food. REAR GUNNER felt sorry for him and gave him a sandwich to stop his winging. SIR FREE WILLY was iced for being in the FBI witness protection after getting out of prison. SIR FREE WILLY was upset that HELLBOY never came to visit him in prison and also for not sending him lots of K.Y jelly which would be appreciated.

WANK-KING’S  WANKER gave the Awards out, DOESN’T TOUCH HIS side 200 Runs, SKIING FINN 200 Runs, KEE MAH 10 Hares, STEPTOE 5 Hares, POCAHONTAS 50 Runs and LITTLE WHITE DOVE 50 Runs. A great achievement for all those hashers, well done.

 SCAR WITH TWO T’s call the circle and immediately iced the former G.M HELLBOY [great to see you back]. HELLBOY had forget some of the rules by smoking on the iced with is quickly put out. HELLBOY then told us the story SIR M.C being drunk somewhere, either beach road or boys town, not sure. SCAR WITH TWO T’s then bucketed DEAD HEAD for being a great friend/ hasher from the Scandi hooligans where they have known one another for the past 17 years.

READCOAT iced all the Germans and then went on to sing a great song underneath the piss flaps where the circle joined in with the chorus.

GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER brought V.V into the circle and informed us that V.V had been a member of the Monday hash for 15 years. He then iced V.V again as he did when V.V was a virgin in 1999. GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER told us about the old days when at one of the runs some of the raffle tickets were left out of the bucket for the draw. GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER covered up this mistakes and no one knew.

The hares then sang their song and the circle was closed and everyone could catch the baht busses home.

On-On!  Mental Disorder

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