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Happy Valentine’s day to all our lovely Harriet’s this Friday the 14th of  February.

The hares this week where SIR FREE WILLY and NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER, the run was 11 km with a couple of hashers complained about it, but myself I enjoyed the run. It was an easy run with no hills but could have a few more checks to keep the group together. Great work to both the hares.

The raffle run by SIR BOTTOMLESS PIT was next, it would have been a lot easy to print the none winners instead of the winners. The winners where PAPRIKA SMILEYKARAMBA ,NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER, WANK-KING’S WANKER, VELCRO DICK,GENERAL  KIDNEY WIPER, SIR WANDA, BELL STAR, CRACK MY COCCYX, SNOOPY, CABBAGE QUEEN, LEBERACE, SQUEEZE MY TUBE, LITTLE WHITE DOVE and FUSSY LURE. Congratulations to all the winners and bad luck next week to the loser’s.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD took the circle and immediately iced the two hares. EMPEROR AIRHEAD complained about the length of the run, how he knew about the run is a mystery as I had reports he never left the A-site. But he gave congratulations to SIR FREE WILLY for everyone getting back to the A-site and for the first time in 2 years on SIR FREE WILLYS run no children were lost.  Then came a virgin called Pop which  EMPEROR AIRHEAD explained to her the history of POCAHONTAS, she had no idea what he was talking about but the circle enjoyed the lesson on American history. CHEAPER THAN MEME was iced and we found out a bit of personal information about him, he likes guns, hand cuffs and leather. No he is not into bondage and kinky sex but he is a 20 year service German police man working on the border security boats. He explained to us that he had a 9mm weapon but we are not sure if he was talking about his penis or gun, we will head down to Walking Street and interview some of the lady boys and get back to you on the size of his weapon.

Stats for the week, EMPEROR AIRHEAD reach the incredible run tally of  1,250 runs great work . LITTLE WHITE DOVE received her beautiful 50 run pewter mug, SKIING FINN received his 200 run t-shirt .

SCAR WITH TWO T’S he bought all the Harriet’s into the circle and presented them beautiful red roses and a lovely box of chocolates to each. Then MENTAL DISORDER and SIR WANDA where iced as MENTAL DISORDER was looking for bold guy with earrings and  SCAR WITH TWO T’S thought it could have been SIR WANDA  but MENTAL DISORDER advised him it was another ugly bastard he was looking for.

RED COAT came into the circle, iced the hares and sung on their behalf the hare song, which is about 300 baht short-times. Very-very old songs as now the sort times are 500 baht

It was a great day a great run with great people, see you all next  Monday

On-On!  Mental Disorder

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