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KATOY POODLE was volunteer to do a scribe last week. 
No,on ask me if I can do it! Lazy bastard!
I say to him I can't,because I'm the scribe for the jungle hash this week and I'm the hare four times this month on bush, lunar h3, jungle h3 and ph3. Too busy.but I put the paper and the pencil on my chair. Thank you my friend.
No light and no glasses, only my memory.

Hares today: KEE MAH and DISORDERS FAMILY. A site they have used before near a big property on Phoenix area. 91 sign up's and some faces I don't know the hash name, visitors and virgins.
The run was little bit hard for the ph3, but was different this time with nice trails and the 2 hills. I found 3 F.T with TRY-A-FUCK because we avoid the second hill due 10k the day before on the jungle hash.

Circle: the run was judged a good run. EMPEROR AIRHEAD called the hashers who ran in Cambodia (more than 40 from Pattaya). He iced STUPID KRAUT CUNT about his adventure.
KEE MAH called the F.R who found numbers on the F.T for a second lottery.
The winner was SIR DOG who never ran: 1 bottle of Jameson.
SIR WANDA iced again the popular weird STUPID KRAUT CUNT about another story. After it was the BLACK HOLE and the end of the circle.

Thanks to the hares to sponsor Jameson whisky and 1 big patch,...souvenir,souvenir and to UP THE BUTT for the good cheese.

On-On!  VV

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