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The beach party on 29 of March was a great success. We had a great turn out with SPERM POLLUTER donating valuable drinking time to slave over a hot barbeque and cook all the sausage’s for  the hashers, all so thank you to SIR BOTTOMLESS PIT ( greatest brew master in the world ) for keeping the beer iced cold all day. One suggestion next year more shade.  All in all it was a great day, thank you to everyone that contributed.

Run # 1596 hared by V.V and JACKAL and as usual it was a great run, the run was well papered and the checks strategically place that keep the group together over the 8km. V.V  then followed up with a great barbeque which filled  the stomach of the hungry hashers.


EMPEROR AIRHEAD iced the hares and asked the hashers what they thought of the run which came back from the crowd great run.  JACKAL informed EMPEROR AIRHEAD that he and V.V had been friends for more than 10 years and also JACKAL told us he also speaks French, very talented person being able to speaks so many languages. EMPEROR AIRHEAD also praised the beach party and the efforts of everyone that contributed. The virgin CALEB LEWIS NZ was introduced to the circle and EMPEROR AIRHEAD gave us an in sight into living in New Zealand and how great sex is with sheep. Annica Larsson was iced and then Baptist with her new hash named LOVE BOAT. SIR WANDA was iced and all of us informed that he will be heading to England for 6 months, along time hasher in Thailand and he will be greatly missed.  STUPID KRAUT KUNT, SUPER VIRGIN, KATOY MAGNET  and SCAR W/2TS will be heading over to Germany in may for an out station run in berlin. We will all have to watch the European news to find out how much havoc these hashers can cause. Have a good trip and hurry home.

Awards EMPTY SPERMBANK  250 runs, DESERT SCORPIONS  50 runs, and RASPUTIN received his putter 50 run mag. Great achievement to all.

SCAR W/2TS  iced STUPID KRAUT KUNT for losing his hash bag after the beach party in soi 6, not  unusual for STUPID KRAUT KUNT to lose something considering the amount of beer consumed. BEETROOT HEAD also lost his bag after the run but with some great investigation work by WANK-KINGS WANKER the bag was found in a short time room in the centre of boy’s town, great work WANK-KINGS WANKER. BRITNEY BEERS were iced with NO MORE CUM and we found out that NO MORE CUM has some fantasies, one of which is being called bad daddy. BRITNEY BEERS what was NO MORE CUM asking you to do for you to call him Bad Daddy???

MENTAL DISORDER got all the Germans on the ice and brought in the English and asked what happen 70 years ago this week in Europe, no one knew the answer;  the answer was the great escape by the British airman from a German prison of war. MENSTRUAL DISORDER, G-SPOT and AXEL GREASE standing for praying mantis will questioned about all the San Miguel beer consumed at the beach party. About 8 to 10 each, they informed us that they were not drunk but very tired so that is why they had trouble walking and went straight to sleep on the truck; girls next time have more sleep before you come to the beach party. STUPID KRAUT KUNT back on the iced again, this time for bumping in to his walking street / traveling partner to Cambodia with her Australian husband. They did not talk to one another but she winked at STUPID KRAUT KUNT which made him reminisce about their romantic holiday in Cambodia.

The hares then brought in, at their own expense, an international  rock singer where he set up his guitar and entertained the hashers with a great song, if anyone wants a copy of this artist music contact CABBAGE HEAD rock

The circle was in closed and we all boarded the hash truck to the On-ON bar.

On-On!  Mental Disorder

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